After voting Leave, we didn’t reckon on the relentless antics of the Remain-obsessed establishment

After voting Leave, we didn’t reckon on the relentless antics of the Remain-obsessed establishment

Back in 2015, Parliament voted by 544 to 53 to give the people a referendum on our membership of the European Union that was supposed to resolve the issue for a generation.

A simple majority was required and the choice of the people would be delivered (they said). It was made clear by the Prime Minister of the day, the Remain campaign and most of the establishment that Leaving meant a whole heap of doom and gloom and exiting the Single Market and Customs Union. Taking back control.

It was a hard-fought battle. Each side threw the kitchen sink at it – it was once-in-a-generation after all. The public turned out to vote at the highest rate in a generation and decided to Leave the EU.

People then laid down their arms. The campaigning was over. It was now back to the politicians and civil servants to implement our collective decision.

The problem? A festering swamp of the political elite, high echelons of the Civil Service, big business and the wider establishment were bubbling in hatred at the result. How dare the people go against what we, ‘the very clever experts’, think?

Of course, they had only ever gone along with giving people the choice because they arrogantly thought they were certain to win. The result completely shocked them.

Initially, they were resigned to the fact that they had lost. The people had kicked back against their globalist agenda. This short-term resignation quickly changed into a well-organised and relentless campaign by those who benefit from the status quo to frustrate or stop Brexit at every turn.

Over the last couple of months, over £150,000 has been spent on Facebook ads by the sore loser brigade and ironically named “People’s Vote” campaign who wish to reverse the referendum result. A group of bitter MSPs, MPs and MEPs recently petitioned the European Court of Justice which miraculously sped up their normally glacially-paced judicial process to tell us, just before the scheduled meaningful vote, that the UK could unilaterally revoke Article 50.

It is because we never drained that festering swamp that we are where we are with Brexit today. The issues driving the vote were a mix between traditional ‘right’ and ‘left’ and much more than immigration. It confused the establishment. We needed serious civil service reform and political vision to create the high-performing team to reshape the country to address these concerns and deliver the referendum result. That never happened. We just plodded on as we always had done.

No serious planning for ‘no deal’ was done, Article 50 was triggered before we had got our act together and we agreed to the EU’s timetable and ordering for the negotiations which gave them the upper hand from the start. Then we had the recent shambolic episode about the meaningful vote being 100% on and then 100% off.

From the moment the verdict was delivered, the establishment has treated Brexit as a risk to mitigate rather than an opportunity for our country to forge a new path. At every turn, they overlook the risks of remaining tied into the EU system on its trajectory to more centralised control and a federal state.

To go against the status quo and all those who benefit from it always requires vision, strong will and leadership.

Sadly, we have suffered from an epic failure of leadership, decision-making and political aptitude. With that lack of a clear direction, chaos has reigned.

Now, in a last-ditch attempt, the Prime Minister is dashing around EU capitals in the hopes of warm – but likely meaningless – words, while the cobwebs have been blown off the Remain campaign’s Project Fear torture machine in an attempt to terrify us into ‘making the right choice’ once again. The problem for the Government is that unless there are real and legally-binding changes to the Withdrawal Agreement text, they are simply delaying their inevitable defeat in the Commons.

If the establishment continues to fight against the will of the people, they may awaken our very own ‘gilets jaunes’, which they would live to regret.