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Brexit News for Friday 17 January

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay accuses the European Parliament’s Chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt of 'scaremongering’ over citizens’ rights



Brexit News for Thursday 16 January

Tory MP Mark Francois and StandUp4Brexit launch crowdfunding bid to make Big Ben ‘bong for Brexit’ on 31st January



Brexit News for Wednesday 15 January

Boris Johnson says it is 'epically likely' the UK will seal a trade deal with the EU by the end of 2020



Brexit News for Tuesday 14 January

EU trade Commissioner foresees 'financial services for fishing' Brexit bargain



Brexit News for Monday 13 January

EU 'won't be rushed' on trade deal, says Simon Coveney



Brexit News for Sunday 12 January

Michael Gove set to be handed wide-ranging role running the entire Cabinet Office and Brexit talks

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