Tory MPs voting to make the UK a vassal state can expect to be turfed out at the next election

Tory MPs voting to make the UK a vassal state can expect to be turfed out at the next election

The following is an open letter to Conservative MPs from Cllr Bob Perry and a host of other Conservative Party activists (as listed at the bottom)

Dear Conservative Parliamentarians,

Your actions this week will have far reaching implications for the United Kingdom for generations to come. Have any of you seriously thought about what you have done to this once great nation of ours? Do you really believe that by turning the UK into a vassal state of the corrupt European Union that you are serving your country?

Your duplicitous and cowardly behaviour in denying the will of 17.4 million voters who took the brave decision leave to the EU will not go unpunished. Collectively you have sounded the death knell for democracy in this country as we know it. Have you considered the implications this will have for you at the ballot box? Do you honestly believe that you will be forgiven for your betrayal? If so, it shows how entirely out of touch you are with the British people.

Whenever the next election comes – and we suspect it will be sooner rather than later – the electorate will seize the opportunity to vent their wrath upon you. Those of you who voted in the House of Commons to deny the result of the last referendum will almost certainly lose your seats and you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

It is not too late to redeem yourselves and to save not only your seats but your reputations. You need to reverse the disastrous decision you took to betray the electorate. All it will take is for one of you to table a motion to put leaving on WTO terms back on the table and for the rest of you to have the backbone to vote it through.

You may dismiss us as those stupid Brexiteers who didn’t know what they were voting for, but we assure you that we absolutely did – and we would do it again in a heartbeat. Ignore us at your peril, but let us be clear: if you do, come the next general election, the great British people will deliver you the P45 you will so richly deserve.


Cllr. Bob Perry, Deputy Chairman (Political), Hornchurch & Upminster Conservative Association

Keith Wells, President, Hornchurch & Upminster Conservatives
Cllr Graham Williamson, London Borough of Havering
Stephen Perriman, Winchester
Stephen Fitzgerald
Peter Hole, Halifax
Richard Mackenzie, Kingston upon Hull
John Waine, Past Chairman of Nuneaton Conservative Association
Dr Michael Cross, Earley, Reading
Dr D Ratliff, Berwick-upon-Tweed
Annabelle Meek, Rutland and Melton
Anthony Atkinson, North Dorset Conservative Association and previously Treasurer of Somerton & Frome Conservative Association
John Gilding, Former Conservative Leader on Rotherham Council
John Thorne, Somerset County Councillor and an Executive Council member of Taunton Deane Conservative Association
Angela C W Morris, Past Branch Chairman and President of Four Oaks branch, Sutton Coldfield, and Past Vice Chairman, North Norfolk Conservatives
Gladys Macrae, Past Chairman of North Wiltshire Conservative Association
Gillian Luedicke
Richard Luedicke (Maj) Retd
Anthea Kemp, Somerton & Frome
S. Challinor, Former Vice Chair (Political) of  Clacton Conservative Association
Brian Seage
Cllr. Delyth Miles, Past Chairman of Clacton Conservative Association
Alan Chapman, Former Conservative Councillor in Bradford
Pam Whitehouse, Deputy Chair of North West Hampshire Conservative Association
Linda Beal, Monmouth
Stephen Tye, Former member of Stroud Conservative Association Executive Committee
David Rees, Culmstock, Devon
Pat Dray, Isle of Wight
Roger Grant, Past Chair of Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale Conservative and Unionist Association
David Hartley, Windsor
J. J. D. Knapp, South Suffolk
The Lord Parmoor, Past President of Wycombe Conservative Association
Edmund Anthony Tucker, Shaftesbury
M Perry, Cadeleigh, Devon
Dr Lisa Nolland, Bristol
David Kelly, Wombourne
Robert Flunder, Hornchurch & Upminster
Joanne Peake, Hornchurch & Upminster
Allan Jenkins, Hornchurch & Upminster
Jack Haywood, Hornchurch & Upminster
Ian Hunter, Harwich & North Essex