Anne-Marie Trevelyan: I’m disappointed Soubry failed to remain ‘civilised’ over Brexit

Anne-Marie Trevelyan: I’m disappointed Soubry failed to remain ‘civilised’ over Brexit

Anne-Marie Trevelyan has accused Anna Soubry of falling “below the level of… civilised discussion” after the arch-Remainer called on Theresa May to “sling out” leading Brexiteers from their party.

Anna Soubry, who frequently attacks her own party over Brexit, referred to leading Brexiteers as “not proper Conservatives” in an interview for BBC2’s Newsnight.

But in an interview for the BrexitCentral podcast, the Berwick-upon-Tweed MP and former Vote Leave campaigner said:

“It’s always disappointing when colleagues fall below the level of what I would call civilised discussion.”

“Starting to throw insults at colleagues is just a shame. She’s one of those who believes very strongly in the European project and I have the greatest respect for her. I disagree with her fundamentally [on Brexit] but I think perhaps other than that we have very similar views.”

Trevelyan,who entered the Commons in 2015, also called on fellow MPs who oppose Brexit to listen to the result of the referendum:

“It does mean that your particular voice… as an MP isn’t actually important; it’s respecting the decision of the British people.”

She went on to argue that the EU Customs Union didn’t fit “the British ethos” and that African farmers would benefit when we leave:

“[The customs union] cuts off those developing countries who want to grow their economies who are really stuffed by the tariffs.”

“They can send into the EU bloc products at a primary level like cocoa or coffee but actually if you develop them into your pot of coffee there are huge tariffs on that because the EU nations want the profits that go with that production part of a product.”

“I think that sort of protectionist outlook is… not something that fits the British ethos and we can do much better… Great Britain has always helped other economies to grow, to be stronger and then to be better trading partners.”

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