Tony Blair’s Dodgy Dossier on Brexit should be swiftly binned

Tony Blair’s Dodgy Dossier on Brexit should be swiftly binned

The latest pronouncements of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair will surprise no one.

He has never been able to reconcile himself to the fact that the British people did not listen to his advice to vote to Remain and instead voted to Leave. He does as he has done so often before: projected the unknown future as fact. He omits to mention anything positive, especially the really positive fact of regaining our status, flexibility, focus and freedom as a fully operational parliamentary democracy. He fails to highlight that when we leave we will no longer be the cash cow outpost of an empire that in a rapidly centralising EU we would become.

Our new markets of China, USA and Japan are all colossal, and growing quite well, better than the EU average. He doesn’t mention the USA, where we have so many social, political, linguistic, historic and strategic overlaps. Blair sounds like he has no confidence in the UK whatsoever and almost relishes the idea that the EU will drive a hard bargain.

EU grandees like Blair are members of a nest of super Sir Humphreys who are keen on power-grabbing, and on crushing the opposition of any nation state that tries to stand in their unelected way. The European Commission just can’t understand why we haven’t been like other countries where the referendum has gone the ‘wrong’ way and simply had another one. Removing the UK from the far-from-friendly clutches of Brussels was a core objective of voting to Leave.

Leavers need to acknowledge there could be a bumpy ride for a year or two after leaving, but the gains will soon pile up as we are able, ourselves, to identify and seize opportunities with the freedom to act decisively. All that would be lost by staying in the Customs Union or the Single Market.

When it comes to his attack on Labour and the leadership, Blair is clearly using Brexit as just another way of attacking Jeremy Corbyn. Jeremy should remind Blair of his hopeless misreading of what would happen after the invasion of Iraq, which did indeed lead to chaos, death and destruction on an impressive scale. Given his inability to forecast all those consequences of his decision to go to war, then, we should set no store by this, another Blair “Dodgy Dossier”.

To paint Brexit as a solely Tory plot insults millions of Labour voters and is certainly not going to change their minds on their referendum vote. The idea that Jeremy Corbyn is going to pop up to Barnsley or Doncaster and label Labour voters “hard right Tories” for voting to Leave is laughable.

I am afraid that now he has returned from his trips abroad advising pretty dreadful neo-dictators the former Prime Minister has re-immersed himself in an elite metropolitan bubble.

It would be a disaster for Labour to adopt basically what is the Blair-argued Lib Dem position. Stuck on 7%, the Lib Dems’ anti-Brexit venom doesn’t seem to have improved their popularity.

Labour should remember that Brexit happened because working class voters thought that the establishment had stopped listening to them. Any attempt to stop Brexit now proves their point. There is no Labour figure more establishment than Tony Blair. For that reason alone, if nothing else, his Dodgy Dossier No. 2 should be binned.