Time to turn the tables on Blair et al: how exactly could we now return to the Euro-swamp?

Time to turn the tables on Blair et al: how exactly <i>could</i> we now return to the Euro-swamp?

The rampant Remainers and their journal, The Guardian, are never going to be able to forgive the British people for voting for Brexit. They just can’t accept that our electorate might want a strong British economy rather than being the poor adjunct of Greater Germany they’ve reduced us to.

Every day they bring us news of fresh disasters. Is crime rising? Is the health service under strain? Is the economy slowing? Does custard curdle before it used to? All due to Brexit. With much worse to come.

The hidden agenda is of course to defeat Brexit by the back door. They hope that this endless diet of fears and problems will cause the electorate to learn sense, give up on its crazy whims, and agree to crawl back into the safety and warmth of a benign European Union. Vince Cable has already made this explicit, Vernon Bogdanor has added his more magisterial approval and Polly Toynbee wants the Labour Party to do the job for her.

Doubtless it’s what the rest of Yesterday’s Men – Blair, Mandy, Cameron, Clarke and Ashdown, a veritable Dad’s EU Army – all think. They may have fallen a little silent of late but that’s only because they’re waiting for their prophecies to turn into the real disaster they’re hoping for, to teach the electorate a lesson. Then they can re-emerge as the nation’s saviours and offer the EU they love as the solution.

One might have hoped that some sense of patriotism might have pushed them to do a little more to stop such a disaster, however mythical, rather than gloat at the prospect. Rather than attacking every move Britain makes, exaggerating every difficulty and taking the EU side in negotiations which the EU has deliberately made as difficult as possible, they might have used whatever influence they have in their beloved EU to argue for a sensible deal and more realistic negotiations than Barnier’s three stage waterboarding.

They do neither. Strange things happen when you love Europe more than your own country – which makes it time to challenge this political archaeology. Forget all their ghastly warnings. Recognise that negotiation is a game of bluff which won’t be over for months. Switch the debate round by demanding that they tell us whether, and in what way, Britain could do as they want and go back into the Euro-swamp.

First they need to tell us whether we can just give up and resume our place on the periphery. Or does invoking Article 50 and then deciding we’re too scared/stupid/weak to take the risk, require us to beg our way back as a new state, join Schengen and the euro, give up our rebate and accept all the centralising processes Macron wants to make the euro work and accept the same bum’s rush the EU gave Cameron?

Second, if we can go back on the old basis, how are we going to stop the drain of money, jobs and demand which is sucking Britain dry? Our trade in the single market is £60 billion in deficit, our membership fee is £11 billion annually and the CAP costs us perhaps £17 billion in higher food prices – and we’re now borrowing all of that to belong.

So how do we stop the drain, rebalance trade more fairly and stop Germany accumulating huge surpluses which it then refuses to spend or redistribute? Do tell, because as far as I can see the Single Market isn’t a form of salvation but a suction pump draining economic strength out of Britain.

And thirdly, how do we tell the British public that we can’t do what they want and it’s all their fault for putting us in this mess in the first place?  The secondhand German water cannon Boris has bought may be useful but we’ll surely have to hope that Tony will use his influence with Macron to get several detachments of French CRS over here as a fraternal gesture from Europe. That’ll teach ‘em.