Theresa May’s problem was making too many compromises on Brexit (not too few, as some are claiming)

Theresa May’s problem was making too many compromises on Brexit (not too few, as some are claiming)

Poor Theresa. One can’t help feeling sorry for a Prime Minster so limited but so honourable, who was so brutally treated by her own party. The bitterly divided Tories are able to agree on only one thing; dump the leader. So they did. Now they can get back to fratching about Brexit.

History will show that Theresa came in with a very good caring speech and went out on a very moving repeat. It was the bit in between that wasn’t so good. The promises of a fairer society, control of bad business, and dropping the white elephant follies such as HS2 and Hinkley Point were never fulfilled. Nor was her vow to deliver Brexit.

She’s accused of not building a wider unity and never compromising. But that’s just not true. Labour was too divided and its leader not in control of his euro-loving party to offer any help. Given a choice between Europe and the British people, most Labour MPs prefer Juncker.

Theresa listened too much to civil servants who couldn’t bear to leave Europe and be subject to the vagaries of British politicians. She made far too many compromises, to please the clamorous Remainers and an EU incapable of compromising, lest it fall apart. She went in breathing goodwill and a desire for good relations but came out naked, bruised and trapped in the EU’s cunning cage. Reason, right and democracy are no weapons against that lot.

In the process, Theresa lost her negotiating weapons. The first she chucked away by agreeing to hand over the money before the deal and trap herself among the steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone. The second was taken away by the rampant Remainers, soft-hearted socialists and naive idiots who rushed to bind Britain against a no-deal Brexit. Successful negotiation required us to carry a big stick. Theresa went naked into the conference chamber. Not a pretty sight.

Her self-immolation doesn’t solve our national problem. It simply passes it to someone else. So what happens now? The Great Establishment Clobbering Machine will move into overtime against Boris Johnson to stop the Tories choosing him. All the other candidates will compromise on a compromise, and propose a second referendum to reject it, thus passing responsibility for humiliation from the politicians to the people.

The EU, beleaguered by populists and unable to solve its own problems of refugees and the dysfunctional euro, will say “That’s it. No new negotiations” – because that’s the only thing on which they can agree. Big business will howl with fear at the prospect of competing outside the EU’s protective bloc. The establishment will launch a new campaign of fear, which may include bubonic plague. And Labour will reject a Tory Brexit without offering a Labour one. MPs will clamour to hand the problem back to the people in the hope that they’ll be happy to remain euro-slaves, because they’re no good at any thing else.

Not an edifying spectacle. The Great British public might wonder why their much vaunted politicians are incapable of doing what the nation told them to. But they’re too British to throw paving stones or destroy speed cameras, like the French. They’ll just relapse into something more British but far more potent. Quiet contempt. Killing the wicked witch doesn’t make for a happy ending.