Theresa May must lay down immutable red lines to Brussels and stick to them

Theresa May must lay down immutable red lines to Brussels and stick to them

Not since the Hawaiian islands volunteered to cede their independence and become a vassal of the USA in order to avoid worse, has their been an example of a sovereign nation willingly becoming a subservient entity of another. That is exactly where the UK is heading unless the Prime Minister makes it crystal clear to the EU where she stands on Brexit in these coming weeks.

A letter sent today to Mrs May, signed by a strong phalanx of senior entrepreneurs, economists and politicians, makes it crystal clear that she should lay down immutable red lines and be determined to stick to them.

The letter sets out matters – red lines – which are essential for our self-determination; but just as importantly, it also makes it clear that the UK is taking back control of the timescales for negotiation by demanding that an “in principle” trade deal must be agreed by the end of March 2018, or we will revert to WTO trade rules and work towards their implementation on Independence Day in March 2019.

It is essential if we are to be economically better off out of the EU than we would otherwise have been in the EU, that we have the freedom to: make our own laws, or remove them; set our own taxes; have sovereign jurisdiction through the courts and our own Supreme Court; and make trade deals around the world, all without hindrance from the EU.

Perhaps even more importantly, we must have these things and the control of all of our borders, if we are to be in reality, a sovereign state.

All of this is far more important even than the financial bill we are currently agreeing to pay, albeit we have no obligation to do so. However, the letter makes it clear that if the EU will not make a trade deal and in any way tries to inhibit our independence, that bill should not be paid. Let us go to court if necessary.

These coming weeks are a real test for the Prime Minister and the Government. They must show steel and determination, have courage and truly pursue the national interest.

Make no mistake as to the gravity of this moment in time. If the Government gives in on these matters, the result will be Brexit in name only and a tipping point in the support of the British people will have been reached. I cannot see how my fellow countrymen and women would be able to continue to support the current leadership under those circumstances.