The Westminster establishment seem blind to the political earthquake Nigel Farage is causing

The Westminster establishment seem blind to the political earthquake Nigel Farage is causing

Last night, as a registered supporter of the Brexit Party, I went to London’s Olympia for Nigel Farage’s final European election campaign rally. He was on fire and I suspect that his predicted victory in Thursday’s election is but the appetizer for his presence on the domestic political stage for years to come – and which may shortly sound the death knell for both our main political parties.

Yes, for the first time it is not fanciful for me to imagine that Farage might yet be the next Prime Minister but one. A political earthquake of seismic proportions is taking place before our eyes but our media and political establishment is blindly unable to take even the basic precautions necessary to avert being buried alive in the earthquake he is about to cause.

Thousands – both young and middle-aged (hardly any old – apart from me) – stood, chanted and cheered as the 70 Brexit Party candidates marched onto the stage in preparation for a gathering, the like of which I only previously experienced forty years ago when Margaret Thatcher addressed the Tory conference for the first time as Prime Minister after her election win in 1979. Like Thatcher, Farage has a magnetic appeal to an audience like no other. His physical appearance and style appeals beyond old-school party politics and the more the Tory and Labour parties sneer at him, the more his poll ratings increase.

The warm-up act was provided by my former parliamentary colleague, Ann Widdecombe. “Warm up” was an understatement; she and Farage set the gathering alight as they both apologised for her description last month that Theresa May is “the worst Prime Minister since Anthony Eden”. This time they both agreed, following May’s incendiary offer of a second referendum only hours earlier, that “May is the worst Prime Minister ever”. The audience went wild. Even I could not contain my anger at May and her hapless Tories.

May’s ridiculous speech, just three hours earlier, of appeasement and surrender to Corbyn’s Labour Party combined with her determination to send scores of Tory MPs to their political death at the next general election, could not have been better timed to guarantee a triumph for the Brexit Party tomorrow. But Farage is already looking to 6th June for the by-election in Peterborough – and beyond.

Tory bozos in CCHQ will be engaging the daftest of clever-clogs minds in preparing the banal excuses for the James Cleverlys and Brandon Lewises to spew out onto the media. But no Tory spin doctor or aspirant Tory Prime Minister will be able to halt this Brexit tsunami which is about to drown the SS Tory Party and all who sail aboard her.