Soon heading to pastures new

Soon heading to pastures new

I really could not have asked for a better first job, but I am sorry to announce that, two years on from the EU referendum, I will be leaving my friends and colleagues at BrexitCentral at the end of June.

Since we launched BrexitCentral in September 2016 the website has become key reading for parliamentarians, civil servants, commentators, activists and even EU officials!

Our social media content reaches hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis and really has become an essential resource for those keen to ensure the biggest democratic mandate in British electoral history isn’t kicked into the long grass or does not see the very many opportunities that Brexit presents grasped to the fullest.

I will always be grateful to Matthew Elliott and Jonathan Isaby for believing in me enough to bring me on board with the project at its inception, mentoring me with their encyclopaedic political knowledge and well-honed communication skills.

BrexitCentral is at an exciting juncture as we head into the last few months of the negotiations and Jonathan, Hugh and David continue to push our positive and optimistic vision of Britain after Brexit, offering comment and analysis that is second to none.

I look forward to moving on to new pursuits, to be announced shortly, in which I will further disseminate free-market thinking while continuing to talk up the opportunities of leaving the Single Market and Customs Union, as well as embracing the opportunities that lie in an independent trade policy.

Needless to say, I will continue to enjoy the fantastic Brexit Briefing that the team put together each day, and be a cheerleader for its daily output from the outside. Two years is a long time in politics, and we all know that nothing is certain in politics right now – but I am certain about one thing: that the friendships and relationships I’ve forged at BrexitCentral will continue to flourish.

BrexitCentral is therefore seeking a new Deputy Editor to join the team – click here for details of the vacancy