Referendum divisions had been quietly healing until this week’s High Court ruling

Referendum divisions had been quietly healing until this week’s High Court ruling

The news from the High Court this week was disappointing to say the least. Yes, those behind the legal challenge were deliberately attempting to frustrate the triggering of Article 50, but I believe it is much more dangerous.

Those who have yet to accept the referendum result are misguided in their belief that they do any good for our country and its people by trying at best, to change the terms of Brexit and at worst, to reverse the result and go against the will of over 17 million people.

Most who voted for Remain on 23rd June have since accepted the result. They have now seen that the “doom merchants” who predicted an immediate recession and the collapse of the UK were wrong. Indeed many are relieved and wished they too had voted Leave.

As a result, the divide that the politicians and media tried to promote was quietly healing and as time has gone on since 23rd June there has been a palpable feeling of happiness and relief as people came together around the idea that we can all make a success of this.

Of course the few who have never accepted the result have now kicked the “can of doom” down the road to await the first bit of bad news that they can use to pin Brexit against, but this ruling and those who are promoting a re-run of the referendum through parliamentary process in an attempt to change the result risk doing incredible damage to our country and its people.

Imagine: If the few have their way, we could see a situation which at best could mean they manage to secure retention of the Single Market and the Customs Union which would mean jurisdiction of the ECJ, a continuance of regulatory control from Brussels and prevent us from making any trade agreements outside the EU. While some adjustment might still be agreed over the free movement of people from the EU27, we would in effect be back in the EU and paying a hefty membership fee. At worst, Blair and other failed politicians would block Brexit and the UK would stay a full member of the EU.

I fear that politicians like Tony Blair and Nick Clegg are risking the stability of our society. The noise around Westminster has of late focused on parliamentary democracy, a thin veil covering the real truth which is to ignore the result while pretending to accept it. The people will not accept nor forgive such a deception. Enormous damage would be done to our businesses and our economy, but worse still; the wedge that had been hammered into the once quietly healing divide will have been irreparably split apart with all that entails.

We must now come together and stop this. If the Supreme Court does not overrule this decision our Prime Minister must go to the country without delay so that the people can have their say in a General Election. Alternatively, all politicians should refrain from trying to change or influence the terms and allow the government to follow the instructions of the people who have instructed our government to remove us from the EU.