Ross Thomson MP: Drop Chequers plan or the Tories are ‘screwed’

Ross Thomson MP: Drop Chequers plan or the Tories are ‘screwed’

The Conservative MP for Aberdeen South, Ross Thomson, says the Conservatives would be “screwed” going into a general election and MPs in marginal seats would lose their seats if Theresa May doesn’t back down on her current Brexit proposals.

Speaking on the BrexitCentral podcast, he attacked the Chequers plan as being “in the Customs Union in all but name, in the Single Market in all but name, and essentially still under the jurisdiction of the ECJ.”

The Brexiteer said the fact that 60 Tory MPs were unhappy should be “sending a red warning light to the government” and he failed to deny the idea that backbench Conservative eurosceptics could block government legislation that was unconnected to Brexit if the Prime Minister did not change course.

The Tory MP, who gained his seat at last year’s general election, said he supported the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson as they could not sell the plan in European capitals as being good for Britain.

He said the Tories were telling business that “the rules that have burdened you for years… are not going to go anywhere… and we’re going to be aligned to these rules in perpetuity.” 

He added: “If we do not make changes to what is being put before us then we are, to be quite frank with you, screwed going forward to a general election.”

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