The recalcitrant Remainers have questions to answer about their collusion with the EU

The recalcitrant Remainers have questions to answer about their collusion with the EU

Remainers have been so quick to dig – and invent – dirt about the sinister influence of Russian gold, monstrous lies and Cambridge Analytica’s antics in producing the Brexit vote, that it’s surprising that there’s been so little examination of the EU’s efforts to keep us in their German jail.

I’m not asking who finances the flag-waving fools outside Parliament or pointing out that their flags are imported: they have a right to exercise their arms, although I wouldn’t want them to be waving in all weathers just because so much of the money that would be needed for their healthcare has been diverted to the EU.

Nor am I complaining because Grieve, Campbell and Blair’s irregulars meet at the EU Commission building. I’m sure they serve a nicer class of wine there. As for all the visits by Remoaners to Barnier, Juncker, Macron and Merkel, everyone’s free to practise their foreign languages with anyone who comes to hand and the EU’s Fab Four are more interesting than yesterday’s discards at home.

What I’m worried about is collusion: why is it that the resisters can tell us with so much certainty what terms (if any) the EU will accept, what we can and can’t get and why they have to punish us for our own good?

It’s a bit worrying too that they are so keen to tie the Government’s hands in what is certain to be a tough negotiation. I may be naive, but I would have thought that the best way to implement the people’s will is to back our negotiators wholeheartedly. Sir Geoffrey Howe accused Mrs Thatcher of breaking the bats of the English cricketers before sending them in to bat – Remainers are doing the same to David Davis’s team.

I can even accept the House of Lords refusing to speak for England. It doesn’t represent the people but the fattest, richest, most complacent and bribable part of the country: the soft-faced men and women who’ve done well out of the EU, the failed statesmen and business people who’ve leeched. So it’s understandable that they want to cling to nurse, for fear of meeting something worse. For them pensions, subsidies, esteem and investments in Europe are the best forms of Income Support.

What would be unacceptable is a concerted strategy between Remoaners, creating the maximum division and weakness at home, and the EU – using that as an excuse to make no concessions and vetoing all Theresa May’s proposals. That would mean that the negotiations get nowhere and Parliament could then try and use its ‘meaningful’ power to call the whole thing off, on the grounds that the people are too stupid to understand such important matters.

It may be too late to avoid that impression. Yet perhaps they should reassure us. Why not publish the dates, places and minutes of all their meetings with what is, for present purposes “the other side”? Plus a statement of interest telling us what their own ultimate aim is: ‘soft’ Brexit, hardly noticeable Brexit, or no Brexit at all.