Prime Minister, you will be held responsible if Brexit is not delivered as you pledged

Prime Minister, you will be held responsible if Brexit is not delivered as you pledged

The following is an open letter to Theresa May from Cllr Bob Perry and a host of other Conservative Party activists (as listed at the bottom)

Dear Prime Minister,

We write to you in an absolute state of despair as to what is happening to democracy in this once great country of ours. We use the term “once great” as that is how we will be viewed, going forward on the world stage, if the will of the people is not implemented in full by leaving the European Union on 29th March 2019, as directed by the people on 23rd June 2016.

We understand and respect your strong desire to leave with a deal, your deal; but may we politely remind you that the British people did not vote for a deal – they voted to Leave.

When you took office you stood outside Number 10 and stated loudly that “Brexit means Brexit”. The British people expect you to honour that pledge. Failure to do so is a denial of democracy itself and you personally will be held responsible for that great act of betrayal.

The events of the past few days have shown the utter contempt in which parliamentarians hold the people. The relentless attempts to cancel Brexit by any means is shameful and deplorable. Vote after vote, amendment after amendment, are all based around denying the British people the independence for which they they voted. The mere thought that a Conservative Government, led by you, could put forward an amendment to delay Article 50, effectively denying the will of the people, is unforgivable.

With just under two weeks to go, we implore you, Prime Minister: do not allow an extension to Article 50 and do not make a further attempt to push through your deal as it simply does not deliver the result of the referendum that you and your Cabinet keep trying to fool us into believing it does – it dos not.

We fear that if you continue on this disastrous trajectory of tying us to the EU at any cost, you are condemning the Conservative Party to political oblivion for generations to come. You will take the highest blame of all, as you and you alone will be remembered as the Prime Minister who denied democracy; please do not let that be your legacy.

If your conscience cannot allow you to change course and deliver the will of the people, as mandated to you, we would urge you do the right thing for the country and stand down to make way for a leader who believes in Brexit and is strong enough to deliver it.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr. Bob Perry, Chairman, Hornchurch & Upminster  Conservative Association

Cllr. Graham Williamson, London Borough of Havering
Della Jones MBE, former Dorset County Councillor and Chair, Conservative Women’s Group
HH the Lord Parmoor, President Wycombe Conservative Association
John Waine, former Chairman and Borough Councillor, Nuneaton Conservatives
Ken Worthy, Claygate, Hinchley Wood and Weston Conservatives
Tony Tucker, former Conservative Party employee, Shaftesbury
Christine Daniels, former Chairman, Ledbury Conservatives
Eric Lowe, former Chairman, Brentwood Conservatives
Angela Morris, former Chairman, Sutton Coldfield Conservatives
Annabelle Meek, former Chairman, Rutland and Melton Conservatives
Anthony Atkinson, former Executive Officer, Somerton and Frome Conservatives
Alan Chapman, former Deputy Chairman and Bradford City Councillor, Shipley
Mary Hayter, former Chairman, Ledbury and Old Gore Conservatives
Pam Whitehouse, Deputy Chairman, North West Hampshire Conservatives
Howard Ward, former Chairman, Winchester Conservatives
Gladys McRea, former Chairman, North Wiltshire Conservatives
Dr D Ratliff, Northumberland Conservatives
Donald Morton, former Constituency Officer, Watford Central Conservatives
Patrick Corbyn, Cheltenham Conservatives
Ron Barker, Malvern Conservatives
John Fifield, Chairman, Northwich Conservatives
Henry K Kemp, Somerton and Frome Conservatives
Richard Mackenzie, Kingston upon Hull Conservatives
Robert Flunder, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservatives
Anthea Kemp, Somerton and Frome Conservatives
Gillian and Richard Luedicke, Andover Conservatives
David Rees, Culmstock Conservatives
Ian Hunter, Alresford Conservatives
Dr G M Augustyn, South Basildon and East Thurrock Conservatives
Mike Hall, Reading Conservatives
Edgar Danielyan, Postgraduate Research student in Philosophy, University of Buckingham
Roger Duckworth, Cowes Conservatives
Joanne Peake, Hornchurch and Upminster Conservatives