Prime Minister, do not allow us to remain tied to the EU’s standards and anti-competitive regulations

Prime Minister, do not allow us to remain tied to the EU’s standards and anti-competitive regulations

Dear Prime Minister,

We, REIDsteel, are a medium-sized business with a 98-year history specialising in the design, manufacturing and construction of steel-framed structures. In this century of trading, we have exported to over 140 countries worldwide. We are four times winners of the Queen’s Award for international trade. We, like many British businesses, see the great prize there is to be won by our nation leaving the European Union. There is a serious risk of this being diminished or lost through a weak Brexit.

The enemy is not the EU, nor those in Parliament who are trying to derail or reverse the process. The enemy is fear; of losing what you hope to gain and leaving what we have become accustomed to for the last 40 years, despite it not having worked for us. Every time we enter into a negotiation, we must accept that we might lose. If we cannot face that fear, we risk giving away too much. It is easy to forget the strength of our own position, a dangerous omission.

As you have stated, we must have a Brexit that leaves us outside the Single Market, the Customs Union and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. But we must go further for us to realise the full potential of our nation’s ability; we must take back full control of our standards and regulations, and be free to remodel them to our country’s benefit.

If we remain (post-Brexit) tied to the EU’s standards and anti-competitive regulations, we will fail to secure the best trade deals. The prize will be diminished or lost and we will be remembered for failing. We must revitalise our British Standards and UK regulations now.

The EU will benefit from a successful independent Britain, free to trade with them on equal, reciprocal terms. So too will our future trading partners across the world. Many of these need trade, not aid.

You have a window of opportunity to enable this. You have the authority to command. You are our nation’s best hope. To take the steps needed will require courage, strength and a resolute determination. Our country needs you, Prime Minister, to ensure we achieve our potential. You must act now, before the window of opportunity closes. We will be 100% behind you.

Yours sincerely,
Simon Boyd
Managing Director