Who are the ones really being stupid over Brexit?

Who are the ones really being stupid over Brexit?

I have a new hero. Move over Lady Wheatcroft, Remoaner-in-Chief, who has derided the narrow majority in favour of “Leave” which she emphasises was only advisory as a reason to have another vote. I derided the £9.3 million taxpayer-funded propaganda pamphlet as Mugabe-style politics, but little did I appreciate that it was a promissory note from the Government to fulfil the wishes of the electorate. I also do not believe in almost 17.5 million people’s votes and a majority of over 1.3 million as being tradeable.

I do believe, however, we need to check out the air conditioning system in the House of Lords as Brussels may have infiltrated the pipes that zig zag around the Palace, contaminating the oxygen supply with pure euro air pumped in liberal quantities from the bowels of the Commission HQ. The 105 Liberal Democrat peers clearly get high on it with enough spare to give Nick Clegg, Tim Farron and the other 6 Lib Dem MPs a distorted view on what happened on 23rd June.

Maybe it’s that I am “bloody stupid”, as Lord Kerr of Kinlochard said last week. I believe that he may have something as far as I’m concerned and that only free movement of people from the EU could possibly achieve the dilution of my stupidity to anything approaching safe UK levels.

I do think it somewhat beautiful and rich, though, that Lord Kerr – the author of Article 50 – should bleat about people wanting to invoke the article he has created for our departure. Maybe I’m not alone in my “bloody stupidity”. But let’s not worry as Tony Blair has announced that he is prepared to come out of retirement to help us out of this sticky mess that is clearly beyond that “lightweight” Theresa May and “nutter” Jeremy Corbyn.

Stupidity seems to be a commodity in industrial supply. Maybe the air pipes intoxicating the Lords with plentiful supplies of euro gas is also used to pump agent stupidity into the EU.

To advance my theory I give you my new hero: half-Scot, but thoroughly German, MEP David McAllister. He believes the British are “testing” them.  He wants the EU to stick together and put the low-lying cherries out of our reach. They are going to act as a bloc with no bilateral chit-chats. He adds: “You can’t have 100% control over internal migration, say no to European Court of Justice rulings, that you won’t pay anything (into the budget). This just won’t work”.

The Chairman of the German Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, Norbert Röttgen, has waded in by saying that whilst he is ready to come to a result, if the British position is ‘no no no’ “then even I would have to say there is no common ground”. No common ground? Really? Has he spoken to his car manufacturers? The one piece of common ground is that German MPs like driving German cars, and so do British MPs. They export us almost a million cars every year.

Nigel Farage’s favourite “fanatic”, the European Parliament Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt MEP, has said so much about what Britain must accept if it is to have access to tariff-free trade with the EU it would be difficult to know where to start. Basically he is looking for the distorted mirrors option. It’s a sort of Swiss massage with extra oil.

The Swiss dared to ignore their elites in 2014 by voting in a referendum to impose restrictions on immigration into the country. Switzerland is part of the Schengen area and so free movement is sort of important and inviolable. The elites and politicians have been busy massaging the meaning of the vote ever since. Well known for their delicious creamy confectionery, the trusty fudge is called to service to help the government extricate themselves from the treacle in which the people have placed them.

Verhofstadt is defiant. The four freedoms are inseparable and that means goods, services, capital and people. He has called it wrong before and, prior to the referendum, he stated that the British would not be “so stupid to give up (EU membership) which is economically important for them… and secondly, geo-politically, British citizens know very well that Britain without the EU is in fact a dwarf on the world level.” If only he had talked to Lord Kerr he would have been put straight.

There appears to be a strengthening of position throughout the EU that unless the UK accepts the four freedoms then there is only one sort of Brexit. As Vice Chair of the International Trade Select Committee, I will be looking to see that the Government gets the very best deal for the UK whilst accepting the verdict of the referendum.

I recognise that there are different views on this but I accept the decision of Theresa May that Brexit will not entail having one foot in the EU. We want to trade with the EU and we have a £70 billion deficit with them. We don’t need to follow Swiss or Norwegian models and indeed this will be a test of the EU bureaucrats to negotiate in the best interests of the people of the 27 remaining EU members.

What is increasingly disturbing is that with the domestic nightmare of German and French elections, the rise of the so-called “right” in both countries, with increasing unease in other EU countries about the way that the EU has developed, and with President Tusk doling out threats of “definite consequences” to the UK for voting Brexit, the political imperative becomes more important to the EU elites than economic common sense.

Greece, Portugal and Spain are all suffering from high youth unemployment and austerity policies impoverishing their most vulnerable people. That a group of politicians might decide that, in order to deter further departures from the EU, the UK must be punished irrespective of the economic consequences to the wealth and jobs of their own countries beggars belief.

Politicians from EU countries and within the EU Parliament are already stating that there can be no cherry picking and no Mr. nice Guy (Verhofstadt). It is the hard cane not the soft slipper; it is the actions of the bully that says you stay in this abusive relationship or you will face penalties. It is the policy of cutting off all our noses to spite our faces because the politics of the glorious EU plan is more important than working together for the best interests of all our people.

Could the EU and its politicians really act like that?  If so, wouldn’t that be the act of gross stupidity on which Lord Kerr should really start to focus his attention?