The long EU negotiating farce is just beginning

The long EU negotiating farce is just beginning

The hope that Theresa’s last minute theoretical jump over the EU’s three hurdles will allow the UK to be graciously allowed to begin trade negotiations has been greeted as if the long farce is reaching finality. It could all be over by Christmas (though no one asked “which Christmas”?)

No chance. Even if we’ve humiliated ourselves enough to get through to the next stage, that can only be worse than the torture the EU has inflicted on us so far.

Theresa May’s tactic is to be nice to Europe, an approach they interpret as weakness, which encourages them to be even tougher. Now that’s no longer relevant. The EU isn’t a supportive mutual benefit society but a competitive market in which the strong win by trampling on and draining the weak. Niceness only offers raw meat to sharks. Now they’ve gained a taste for it they’ll see no reason for offering a sucker an even break, something they don’t want to do because the only thing 27 can agree on is “no”.

Brer Rabbit was dealing with a rational, reasonable dance partner in his struggles to escape the tar baby. By contrast Britain is dealing with a hydra with 27 heads, several of whom want to screw something out of us; Ireland over the North, Spain over Gibraltar, Greece over the Elgin marbles, France over our financial services. Above them sit two “brains”: the Commission, which needs our money to maintain their luxurious lifestyle and is keen to punish us to stop others being naughty, then a Parliament of amateur loudmouths who all want a shout because that’s all they’re there for.

Worse, this mob attack is backed by a British fifth column which Tony calls his ‘resistance”: the recalcitrant Remainers who know better than the people, a sense of superiority which gives them the right to block Brexit and to predict gloom and disaster from it.They see it as their divine right to collude with Brussels and combine to force their misguided country to crawl back into the loving arms of the EU, singing onward and upward with Martin Schulz.

All of which indicates that to win this war on two fronts we must recognise that our nation is more nationalistic than the elite which rules it. The people have said what they want and are happy to let the politicians work it out, but they wont be buggered about, either by foreigners determined to force them in a direction they don’t want to go, or by a condescending elite which produced the discontents leading to the vote in the first place.

Time now to build on that buggeration factor. Ignore the smokescreen of plaints and problems the Remoaners conjure up. It won’t frighten the public or obscure their dislike of the EU but we should require the resistance to declare their interest. Is their aim to keep Britain in the EU? If it is, their fears are faked and they can be ignored as the enemies of democracy.

Then resist EU demands on the grounds that the more obstructive and devious EU negotiators get, the more angry the people will be. However loudly Blair’s resistance demands another referendum, after all their efforts to discredit the first, the more EU obstruction will drum up against a bum deal, the less likely our people are to want to stay in a union which buggers them about and more trouble we’ll be to them if we do.

Negotiating sensible arrangements with devious, self-interested opponents isn’t going to be easy, particularly for a weak government whose every difficulty is used as a lever to up the EU’s ante, and demand ever more impossible unacceptable conditions so the hydra won’t have to voice its discordant demands. At least the British side in this protracted illegal farce has the strength of the people. Mobilising that is the best way to defeat the devious machinations of Barnier, Juncker, Blair (SARL) & Co.