Labour’s anti-Brexit agenda and talking down Britain have driven me to quit the party

Labour’s anti-Brexit agenda and talking down Britain have driven me to quit the party

I have been a lifelong supporter of the Labour Party (like my coal-mining father before me) and a Labour member for many years; I served as a Councillor for 18 years and stood as Labour parliamentary candidate against Theresa May in 2005. But I am now in the unenviable position of having written out my resignation letter from the party with a very heavy heart.

Labour – and in particular Jeremy Corbyn (who had always been a eurosceptic) – are not being honest with the British people by only looking after their own careers rather than the good of the country. I am finding this totally unacceptable and cannot continue to support an organisation that is prepared to sell its own country down the river merely in the pursuit of power. The number of Labour supporters who voted Leave who are being let down by their self-centred, arrogant and undemocratic MPs is nothing but a disgrace.

I have in the past lived and worked in southern Germany for an American international bank and loved the whole experience. However, I love Britain more and recognise that Brexit is best for the UK, albeit if not for the European Union.

Business is growing faster outside the EU than inside it. We sell approximately 43% of our exports to Europe, a proportion which has been reducing year on year. Our biggest market is outside Europe. However, as far as Germany is concerned, we are their biggest customer, even bigger than America. The majority of EU states countries export more to us than we do to them.

There are lots of other facts and figures I could quote to you, but they all add up to one thing: the EU needs us more than we need it.

So of course the EU wants us to accept the proposal currently on the table: it was provided by a group of Remainers, from Prime Minister to her civil service advisers, with input from big businesses which have their own vested interests.

I have set up and run an international company in the semiconductor industry, with suppliers from Silicon Valley in the USA and customers across the UK, Europe and parts of Asia. Of course, Brexit means there may be some disruption and extra paperwork for business, but how does that compare to having freedom and control over our own destiny and the expansion that Brexit will bring to the UK?

I find it an embarrassment, when most of the rest of the world can see the obvious benefits of Brexit, that so many of our own Members of Parliamentary cannot. They would rather promote a climate of fear and put the the interests of the EU before those of our own great country.

I would never ever go into any negotiations without the option of pulling out; so why are so many of our politicians set on giving the EU total control over us?
This is a very sad and depressing state in which we find ourselves.

It’s time to stop being so scared. Europe’s leaders have made no secret of their intentions: President Macron has gone on record to say the EU needs to work towards a European army and to fully integrate the euro. He also said that, if France were given a referendum, he was sure his people would vote to leave the EU – but he is a devotee of the EU so won’t be offering them a vote.

All I am hearing from Remainers is fear: fear of what may or may not happen, fear of any change, fear of stepping outside our own door. I wonder how the rest of the world manage to survive using World Trading Organisation rules?

I love Europe, but I love Britain more. We can still leave on 29th March without an agreement. Let’s use the £39 billion instead to support our own businesses, not Europe’s. To use a 1960s slogan, I’m backing Britain.