Join the March To Leave and help show Westminster we mean business

Join the March To Leave and help show Westminster we mean business

33 months have passed since the greatest democratic exercise in the history of the United Kingdom, with over 17.4 million people voting to leave the European Union. Yet here we are within sight of ‘Independence Day’ and the likelihood of a clean, swift Brexit is diminishing by the day. While MPs and commentators may say otherwise, be under no illusions, the great Brexit betrayal is in full swing.

The Westminster elite have had over two years to implement the result of the EU referendum and yet with 24 days to go we still have no clarity as to what will happen. Will a majority of MPs vote for the Prime Minister’s Withdrawal Agreement? Will the Government seek an extension to Article 50? Will the unelected Brussels bureaucrats have the last laugh? So many questions with so few answers…

Despite this apparently gloomy forecast, there is cause for optimism. Last Thursday saw the launch of Leave Means Leave’s epic March To Leave campaign; a nationwide march from Sunderland to London.

This peaceful march, starting on March 16th and lasting for 14 days, offers the public an opportunity to demonstrate the extent of their disappointment at how Brexit has been handled and to apply pressure on the Government to get the best deal possible for the UK.

The stakes have never been higher; the failure to deliver a true Brexit would do irreparable damage to the British people’s faith in democracy and corrode their trust in elected politicians to implement the result of the referendum.

Join me as we walk across the nation braving the rain, wind and snow to take our simple message to Parliament that Leave Means Leave. Starting in Sunderland we will march our way down the country, culminating in Parliament Square on Friday 29th March for a massive rally.

Your support would be greatly appreciated throughout the march, but it is on Brexit Day, Friday 29th March, that we need as many supporters as possible to show the Westminster elite that we will not sit idle while they betray Brexit. From 4pm onwards, the March To Leave will finish in Parliament Square and we will hold a mass rally to let the establishment know that a Brexit betrayal will not be tolerated. Register your attendance here.

So Leavers, what are you waiting for? It’s time to dust off your walking boots and join us on our once in a lifetime March To Leave.