I fear the Government will allow the UK to become a permanent satellite of a new European superstate

I fear the Government will allow the UK to become a permanent satellite of a new European superstate

David Davis was right to resign. He should have resigned months ago seeing how the Prime Minister and Chancellor were handling the small matter of Britain’s future coupled with the way in which he was being allowed to be sidelined by a Remainer civil servant, Olly Robbins. Davis, however, being an honourable and loyal fellow allowed his better side to prevail. Now he has done the truly honourable thing, unlike his lily-livered colleagues who have put personal careers and party above country and democracy.

Now he is followed by a principled move on the part of Boris Johnson, equally unhappy with a Brexit that is BRINO.

And let us not forget also Steve Baker, younger in his career, who made a truly brave move, in supporting Davis.

I know what it is like to resign and give up one’s livelihood in the face of opposition from colleagues and pressure from Number 10, it can be a lonely place. But not for long. Come into the fold, ministers!

One has to wonder what other ministers have been promised or what No 10 has on them for them not to walk, considering how much of a betrayal of democracy the policy being touted by the Prime Minister actually is.

If the detail published on Thursday confirms what appears to have been agreed, it is quite clear that the UK will become a permanent satellite of the new Europa super-state across the Channel.

Of course, all roads lead to Berlin. The behaviour of the Prime Minister in shamefully affirming the suzerainty of “Mutti” Merkel by going to see her with the proposal, even before her own Cabinet had been presented with the White Paper, was an unbelievable act of a supplicant. But for Angela Merkel, the German/European “project” is above all else and any pain caused to companies or nations around Europe is considered merely collateral damage, including that created by resistance to Brexit.

Germany has behaved not as the friend it should be, grateful for British taxpayers stumping up to defend it for decades. This state of affairs, by the way, allowed Germany to pour billions into its industrial sector, year after year, through the state-backed KFW banking system, free of state aid rules because the British and the Americans set it up before the Treaty of Rome was signed. Trump certainly has a point.

The pervasive nature of the Merkel regime was exemplified by the execution of Project Fear running up to the Cabinet meeting, when the German CEOs of BMW, Airbus and Jaguar Land Rover all warned of dire consequences should Britain actually leave the EU. There is that word “consequences”, you can hear it leaving Merkel’s lips just as it is written into the White Paper – the “naughty step” writ large.

In fact, the whole White Paper is being written so as to favour German goods and French agriculture and to keep us under the thumb of Brussels. But then that is how the EU was designed and is part of the reason we wanted to leave in the first place, even if the Prime Minister and Chancellor did not.

How clever was it of Olly Robbins, the unelected civil servant, to keep us in the Single Market for goods and agriculture, so that our continental so-called “partners” can continue to sell to us goods and food at inflated prices, protected by a regulatory fortress Europe to the tune of a £90 billion trade deficit in goods. There is no doubt that the foreign-owned multinationals of the CBI were delighted: they can continue to influence EU regulation in their favour via their home countries, while the UK has little say. But then we had little say anyway, always outnumbered.

How clever of Olly Robbins to exempt services, we would want them exempted; however, this is little different to what have today, there being no single market in services to speak of in the EU, which is why our surplus in trade of services is much higher with the rest of the world than with the EU. So, once again, we give away lots for little in return.

The differentiation between the treatment of goods and services tells us something else also. Ordinary people would benefit enormously from freedom from the EU in the regulation of goods and food, but ordinary people don’t matter. However it is bankers and financiers who benefit from the freedom of regulation in services, so in the world of our PM and Chancellor, that is a given. And for the privilege of this we, the ordinary taxpayer, stump up at least £39 billion to the EU – they should be paying us!

What about tariffs and trade? The ability to control tariffs should facilitate some additional trade but it is not at all clear whether tariff removal will be linked to trade deals or whether they can be removed unilaterally, thus boosting the economy and making the cost of living cheaper for UK citizens. In any event, non-tariff barriers related to regulation are crucially important and the White Paper will tie us permanently to EU regulation and ECJ jurisdiction across vast areas of our lives and economy: social policy, environment, goods, agriculture, employment law etc. The very things that people voted to escape, that the PM made her red lines, not least in the Conservative manifesto. The very ones she has reneged on.

These would burden 100% of our economy while only 13% is related to trade with the EU. These regulations would stop good trade deals, for example with the USA.

When people visit Florida for a holiday they feel safe to enjoy the food, drive cars, fly in aeroplanes, sleep in hotels. This is because the USA is a developed, civilised country which provides safety for consumers. The same can be said of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore etc. They regulate differently from the EU but produce the same result – high standards and safety, which gives us a huge opportunity to strike zero-tariffs, zero-friction trade deals based on mutual recognition. But the EU will not accept this because they use regulation as a protectionist measure to the detriment of citizens and to the benefit of multinationals and the European establishment.

And what nonsense is talked regarding the most controversial aspects of this, eg hormone beef, GM food and chlorinated chicken. Americans haven’t developed two heads in the thirty years they have been consuming these foods, they look pretty healthy and wealthy to me and their food tastes rather good. We in Britain feed our animals on antibiotics to keep them healthy and to promote growth, see the difference? Chlorination of chicken helps stop life-threatening human illness from salmonella and campylobacter etc, it’s a good thing. In any case, every day we all consume chlorine in our tea and coffee from our tap water, again for safety. All of our bagged salads are washed in chlorinated water, as are some vegetables. See the difference?

So, we don’t allow GM foods in the EU. But almost all animal feed is GM, the same animals we consume! This is because there is nowhere near enough non-GM feed in the world. Although the original consumer reaction to an unexplained change was justified, the EU regulatory ban was motivated by protectionism, not safety.

There is an enormous list of such examples of EU regulatory hypocrisy. After all, EU policy favoured diesel cars, the preferred option of German manufacturers who then promptly cheated and lied and poisoned us all with carcinogens and toxic fumes; the very same manufacturers promoting Project Fear – you could not make it up, and the White Paper is locking us into this farrago!

So it goes on.

There’s one final betrayal to highlight. All the indications are that mass migration from the EU will continue. Every migrant coming into a low-skill job costs British taxpayers £3,500 per annum in social subsidies, actually supporting the low-wage, low-productivity economy being promulgated by the anti-Brexit multinationals.

It’s hardly surprising they don’t want us to leave and are applauding the Prime Minister.

It seems that as long as there is a job offer they can come in their millions and there will be plenty of intermediaries to provide job offers. At the same time we have nearly 900,000 unemployed under-25s – a national scandal. By the 2040s, half of the population of the UK will be modern migrants or the children of migrants. The greatest invasion since Neolithic times. Then no doubt we will be forced to vote to return to the suzerainty of Project Europa, with an automatic majority in favour.