Hull needs a new face in Parliament to help deliver Brexit

Hull needs a new face in Parliament to help deliver Brexit

Labour have run Hull for too long – decades in fact – both running the City Council and representing it in Parliament. Alan Johnson, the former Labour MP for the seat where I am standing, even ran the Labour campaign to keep Britain in Europe. Yet 68% of voters in Hull West and Hessle backed Brexit. Is there any wonder that people here feel that Labour are letting us down?

But it doesn’t stop there. Emma Hardy, the current Labour candidate, was a strong Remainer. After the country had voted to leave, she was tweeting her support for those demonstrating against the democratic result. Surprise, surprise, she has since deleted the tweets.

Make no mistake, a Labour victory in Hull West and Hessle would leave people here feeling they have an MP who does not share their concerns about the EU and who would not fight for their vision of Brexit. Do they trust Jeremy Corbyn to deliver a good Brexit for Hull and Hessle? Of course not.

The people I seek to represent are good people – they are the salt of the earth. They have voted Labour for generations because they thought Labour stood for them. I’ve traditionally voted Labour. But it’s now obvious that Labour does not share our values and has let us down.

Most people round here would never vote Tory – they see the Tories as standing for the rich and privileged: the factory owners making millions while they worked for a pittance on the shop floor; the trawler owners taking the profits while they risked their lives for days and weeks at sea and were told they were “casual workers”. They are crying out for someone who can stand up for them.

I’m a Hull girl. I grew up in the city. Many of the problems that people round here struggle with are problems I’ve had to face. And now I am a successful businesswoman, I can see the solutions we need to make this city great again. Enterprise and jobs, too often stifled by Labour; a strong education and health system – especially mental health – squeezed by Tory cuts; and a strong Brexit that delivers for Hull.

People round here are not stupid. The message of fear from the Remainers has pointed to millions spent in the area in EU grants. But as one of my voters put it: “they were trying to bribe us with some of our own money”. Absolutely right. We will get back far more money than now, when we are out of the EU. And I will be fighting to make sure the money is spent wisely – not where the Brussels bureaucrats decided to spend it.

And then we were told that jobs would go: Siemens, one of Hull’s biggest employers, would be up and off if we left the EU. What nonsense. Siemens have already confirmed that their £160m investment, in a plant already employing over 800 people, is secure. It is boosting business and jobs across Humberside and beyond from companies supplying them. Business like this can and will thrive in the exciting new world outside the EU.

Hull folk are amongst the friendliest in the world. Pull up a stool in one of the many lovely bars and pubs and you will make friends within minutes. We have long welcomed people from all over the world. But uncontrolled immigration has put huge pressure on our community and on our local services. Regaining control over our borders was one of the key reasons for voting to leave. Do Hull people trust Labour – or even the Tories – to deliver on that? Of course not. And that is another reason they are voting for me so I see it delivered.

Labour has failed the city of Hull and they have failed the people of Hull. I am giving them the chance to break free and vote for change. Now is the time for change. And on 8th June, I am confident we will get it.