Happy New Year Peter Lilley

Happy New Year Peter Lilley

How have you spent Christmas and New Year this year?

In my French holiday home. Like all good Eurosceptics I love Europe as much as I dislike the EU.

Was Brexit a topic of conversation over Christmas dinner?

No. My wife (though a passionate Brexiteer) banned me boring on about it at home.

What is your favourite memory of the referendum campaign?

At the University of Hertfordshire when the audience (which had voted 75% in favour of Remain before the debate) voted 55% for Brexit after hearing – for the first time in most of their lives – both sides of the argument.

What do you think was the most significant moment of 2017?

When Parliament voted to trigger Article 50 by 498 votes to 114.

Whether it be a traditional carol or a festive chart hit, what is your favourite piece of Christmas music?

Silent Night – it reminds me of how German and Allied troops joined in singing this spontaneously across the trenches at Christmas 1914.

Complete the phrase: “Brexit means…


Have you any (political or personal) New Year’s resolutions?

To find a way of getting the BBC interviewers to challenge Remoaners’ arguments as vigorously as they (rightly) challenge Brexiteers’ arguments.