Happy Brexmas Andrew RT Davies

Happy Brexmas Andrew RT Davies

How are you spending Christmas and New Year this year?

At home with family and friends in a beautiful part of Wales – the Vale of Glamorgan.

Was Brexit a topic of conversation over Christmas dinner?

Yes, but in a light-hearted and fun manner! At the time of the referendum, the family was very much split down the middle 50-50 between Leave and Remain. However, I’m pleased to say that since 23rd June last year, the ‘Remainers’ around the family dining table have seen the light and become more ardent ‘Brexiteers’ than even me! I think we have Jean-Claude Juncker’s regular antics to thank for that.

What is your favourite memory of the referendum campaign?

One moment stands out for me while out on the campaign trail in Caerphilly with David TC Davies and Chris Grayling. We were stood by a statue of the great Welsh comedian, Tommy Cooper, in the town centre and the level of interest and engagement in the campaign was phenomenal. You had people beeping from their cars giving us the thumbs up and politicians of all colours joined together in one aim – to leave the European Union. It provided an element of comradeship I hadn’t seen on the stump before.

What do you think was the most significant moment of 2017?

High-point: the record results in the local government elections in Wales in May.

Low-point: the morning of 9th June…

Whether it be a traditional carol or a festive chart hit, what is your favourite piece of Christmas music?

Bing Crosby and David Bowie’s Little Drummer Boy – a song which at the time bridged the generations.

Complete the phrase: “Brexit means…

Freedom and opportunity.

Have you any (political or personal) New Year’s resolutions?

I’ve never made any resolutions and never will. I’m very much of the thinking that you don’t need the month of January to make any necessary changes.