Gibraltar Chief Minister “was pressured into backing May’s deal”

Gibraltar Chief Minister “was pressured into backing May’s deal”

Theresa May’s team told the Chief Minister of Gibraltar he would be “cut out of the deal” unless he backed her Withdrawal Treaty, an expert connected with the territory has claimed.

Fabian Picardo, the Chief Minister, had signalled his support for May’s EU deal in an article for The Times on Wednesday, declaring that the deal protects Gibraltar’s British sovereignty, and their economic interests.

But speaking on the BrexitCentral podcast, Ben Brickley, the PR manager at Friends of the British Overseas Territories says the Chief Minister was told: “you’re either with us or you’re cut out of the deal”.

Brickley said that once Spain began making ratification of the treaty difficult, Mrs. May failed to keep negotiating and instead decided to “sell them down the river”.

Brickley also added that May’s deal was worse than Tony Blair’s idea of sharing sovereignty with Spain, saying: “In reality Spain will make economic prosperity far more difficult for the Gibraltarians if this deal goes through.”

Downing Street have categorically denied that any pressure was put on Fabian Picardo to support May’s EU deal.

Fabian Picardo said “This is 100% untrue. It just didn’t happen.”


[Ben Brickley spoke to BrexitCentral in a personal capacity.]

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