Even without a deal, our answer still remains the same: Leave

Even without a deal, our answer still remains the same: Leave

The clock is ticking; in the coming days, Theresa May’s ill-fated Withdrawal Agreement is due to return to Parliament.

After emphatic protestations in the House about their democratic right to vote on the proposals, MPs will finally have the chance to have their say.

Yet many of these same politicians are singularly intent on trying to stop what the British people themselves voted for: to Leave the EU.

Some of these politicians would:

  • vote for a deal that would actually be worse than remaining in the EU (the current proposal)
  • vote for the current deal with modifications to the Irish backstop
  • vote for another referendum in which they would promote Remain

Support for any of these would be a complete affront to our democracy and a betrayal of the British people.

It is patently obvious that these politicians have never accepted the result of asking us – the people – what we wanted.

Let me remind them: we voted to Leave the EU. We did not vote for a deal or a variation of a deal. We voted to Leave, and we want them – the politicians – to get on with it.

While a good trading relationship with the EU is desirable, it does not change the question, nor the answer we gave in June 2016.

Even without a deal, the answer still remains the same: Leave.  

To accept a deal that resolves a problem so manifestly created by the elite and the EU – the Irish backstop – would not make it any more acceptable as we would still be joined to the EU. We want to Leave.

We have the patronising voices of Remainers, the political elite, those with vested interests and the CBI telling us that we did not know what we voted for.

We have even been branded ‘extremists’ by our own Chancellor of the Exchequer for demanding the people’s instructions be carried out to the letter.

We are now on Project Fear II – The Sequel, and it is no better than the first version. We voted Leave then and we still want to Leave now.

We have had the threat of the break-up of our country hurled at us and we have had to watch the humiliation of our Prime Minister before the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union.

We have seen the resurrection of failed politicians, many of whom enjoy the benefits of a generous EU pension for selling our country out.

Those who have had their time should stop now as they only sow the seeds of division and further damage our country.

How much more pointless pain and embarrassment will our political classes put us through before they carry out our wishes?

It must be clear by now that we will never accept the break-up of our union. Nor can we accept any more scandalous treatment of our leader when she is disrespected and humiliated at the hands of the EU, despite the fact that she herself is on the wrong side of history.

In the word of Mrs May: ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ – and there is now a clear consensus that what is before us is a ‘bad deal’.

We accept now that a no-deal scenario would cause some disruption in the short term.

We accept now that our economy would be impacted by any friction at the borders, and we still want to Leave.

We want to take back control. We want to be able to set our own rules in the interests of Britain’s businesses and its people.

We want to have appropriate border controls and we want them to be fair to all.

We want to have our British Standards and regulatory control back. We want our politicians to spend our money on our needs. We want all this because we know we can make a success of it. The benefits of a clean Brexit will produce a boost to our economy.

We want to leave and, actually, a no-deal Brexit will be fine; so get on with it and stop selling us, the British people, out.