The European Union versus democracy

The European Union versus democracy

Don’t be surprised that the European Union is making such strenuous efforts to undermine British democracy, reverse the democratic decision of our people and if necessary bring down our elected government in the process.

It’s the nature of the beast. The EU isn’t a democracy. It’s a plutocracy dedicated to imposing on Europe’s people an ever closer union they don’t want, and won’t vote for. Whenever the purposes and policies of the people conflict; it with the EU they have to be overruled because the EU can’t gratify their foolish whims without bringing its whole Heath-Robinson-Monet structure tumbling down.

That means no tolerance for the poor misguided Brits, who want to leave or for anyone else who’s so disloyal. This is an organisation with no way out and anyone so foolish as to seek one is obviously wrong and must be warned how disastrous the consequences of their unreasonableness are, treated to punishment beatings to help them think straight, and promised humiliation and ruin if they persist. That’ll learn ’em.

It’s all necessary to save the union. It needs the money drained from the members. Without it others would have to pay more. More important those running the charade know their union is fragile, constantly struggling, like the Perils of Pauline, from one near disaster to another so it can’t afford to concede anything to anyone, in case the whole house of cards collapses.

Brexit is only one of several fronts the Behomoth must battle on. Insoluble problems have been created by its efforts to build union without consent via the Euro. This is good (very good) for Germany but bad for most of the others who are forced to deflate and endure high unemployment to stay competitive with Germany.

George Soros describes the result as “an existential crisis”. The Euro becomes, as the putative Italian Finance minister said, “a German cage” imprisoning the less competitive countries in neoliberalism, the economics of people punishment and high unemployment, for their own good.

Unfortunately for the EU, its love child – the Euro – not only isn’t working but can’t work. It produces revolt. In Greece this took the form of the election of Syriza and a referendum vote to reject austerity. In Italy it’s taken the form of an electoral win for the populist parties.

If the people threaten the union then democracy must be put down with the help of any willing dupes available. In Britain the Commission conspires with Remainers to undermine the government’s negotiating position while George Soros pours money in to finance another referendum so the electorate can reverse itself. In Greece, Tsipras is brought to heel by a flat refusal to reduce its debts. In Italy the President proscribes the populist government for being hostile to the EU and tries to install his own man. This attempt to install a Euro-friendly technocrat has ultimately proved short-lived, but not before the EU Budget Commissioner had the nerve to say Italy would probably require another election to “produce a result with which Italy can be governed in a pro EU way” after a collapse in Italy’s bond markets and economy has “given a signal to voters, after all, to not vote for populists”.

No country can be allowed to stop taking the Euro-medicine, however different it may be to the delights held out when they were conned into the monster. An EU which can’t, and won’t, reform itself must punish dissenters “for their own good”. Bugger democracy. The survival of the great vision is more important than the views of the people who endure it. That reminds me of something?

Brussels can’t afford to concede anything in case the whole house of cards collapses