European Commission to fund more pro-EU ‘information’ centres in Britain

European Commission to fund more pro-EU ‘information’ centres in Britain

Despite the UK’s imminent departure from the EU, BrexitCentral can reveal that the European Commission is planning to fund a raft of new ‘information’ centres in the UK.

A number of organisations have been invited by the Commission to join a scheme that would see them acting “as an information point for local citizens in response to the heightened public interest in EU matters in the post-referendum context”.

The offer to join the scheme, which would involve distributing taxpayer-funded EU propaganda, was made in an email, seen by BrexitCentral.

It read:

“Due to your organisation’s central aims and activities, you have been selected as a potential Europe Direct Information Centre: a point of contact with the general public on issues relating to the EU, such as jobs and employment, which is identified as a current priority topic.

“The opportunity: Become part of a great cause and receive specialised training to help your organisation serve the public interest around EU priority areas. You will receive a minimum of one year’s financing (beginning 2018), regardless of the timeline for Brexit.”

Similar centres already exist in the UK which allow the EU “to improve the dissemination of information” by hosting events with ‘expert’ EU speakers.

Around 16 are already based in locations such as university campuses and Chambers of Commerce but new plans could see this figure rise.

The Commission has not yet published the cost of the centres, saying only that the scheme may be forced to end in 2019 when Britain leaves the EU.