Commons back EU Withdrawal Bill at Second Reading – Video Highlights

Commons back EU Withdrawal Bill at Second Reading – Video Highlights
Opening the EU withdrawal bill, Maria Miller (Con) says bill needs amending but is necessary

Angela Smith (Lab) says the Withdrawal bill is ‘an unacceptable attempt to strengthen its hand’

Labour are practising ‘professional outrage’ over the bill says Bernard Jenkin (Con)

Ken Clarke (Con) says the bill is necessary but needs amending to remove ‘sweeping powers’

‘I’m on the side of the majority of people who voted Leave’ – Frank Field (Lab) on why he won’t listen to the Labour whip

Nobody can disagree that any government would have to pass a similar bill – unless you aspire ‘to thwart the result of the EU referendum’ – Caroline Flint (Lab)

If the promise of Brexit is broken it will give rise to ‘extreme political movements’ says Zac Goldsmith (Con)

Peter Bone (Con) says he’s introduced several bills aimed at EU withdrawal – he’s happy the government has now done the same

David Lammy (Lab) and Anna Soubry (Con) exchange verbal blows

“I don’t recall great complaints about the constant stream of unscrutinised legislation from the EU for the last forty years”- Conor Burns (Con)

‘Fundamentally un-British’ – Chris Bryant (Lab) attacks the EU Withdrawal bill

After the Welsh Assembly referendum BBC reporters didn’t trawl the streets of Cardiff looking for people who changed their mind says David TC Davies (Con)

We’re swapping faceless Brussels bureaucrats for British ones with faces says Bill Wiggin (Con)

‘Where were all of you over the last 40 years?!’- Richard Drax (Con) shouts down opposition hecklers and says he’s speaking for Britain

‘Leaving the EU will inherently make Scotland’s parliament more powerful’ says Ross Thomson (Con)

I accept the referendum result but I don’t like this bill says Helen Goodman (Lab)

Theresa May will be turned into a female Lous XIV declaring “L’État, c’est moi” jokes Mary Creagh (Lab)

‘I want to turn away from Sun Kings and Queens back to what this bill is actually about’ says Luke Graham (Con)

Remainer Huw Merriman (Con) now thinks it’s ethical to leave the Single Market

‘Nobody really knows what they voted for’ claims Hannah Bardell (SNP)

If we want scrutiny, we should scrutinise how we can reduce the divorce bill says Charlie Elphicke (Con)

Without amendment the bill gives ministers the power of feudal lords and the PM the power of a 16th century monarch says Stephen Kinnock (Lab)

‘This bill is necessary to ensure an orderly Brexit, the alternative is chaos and uncertainty’ says Suella Fernandes (Con)

It turns off the tap of future regulations but doesn’t pull the plug to drain existing legislation away says Robert Courts (Con)

They claim the bill is undemocratic but are happy to stay in the EU with no scrutiny of legislation says Sammy Wilson (DUP)

Summing up for the opposition, Matthew Pennycook (Lab) praises Ken Clarke and says the legislation is flawed

Summing up for the government, David Lidington (Con) explains why the bill is essential

Labour’s amendment to scrap the EU withdrawal bill defeated
Ayes – 296 Noes – 318

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill passes Second Reading 326-290
Majority of 36 for the government