The EU is humiliating the UK as Theresa May is left to beg for help in Brussels

The EU is humiliating the UK as Theresa May is left to beg for help in Brussels

I can’t prove it because all the big beasts who flocked to Brussels to do their country down have kept their dealings secret – but all the circumstantial evidence points to a cunning plot to frustrate Brexit, humiliate Britain and negate the wishes of the British people.

Here’s how: First, discredit the referendum as the result of ignorance, racism and lies. Second, unleash a campaign of fear about the consequences of leaving. Third, undermine Theresa May’s negotiating position and lock her into a trap by precluding any customs border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. That will keep us in the Customs Union durante beneplacito.

Then collude with Brussels to ensure that the EU is intransigent and refuses all concessions so that Britain’s internal divisions so inhibit its negotiations that there’s no need to make any accommodations. Then the people will become so weary about a never-ending row that apathy, alienation and the Grim Reaper will ensure that they give up their naughtiness. The EU can’t allow democracy to stand in its way.

The plot worked brilliantly. Perhaps too well. Theresa hasn’t even been able to get her pathetic proposals through Parliament, so she’s now forced to return to Brussels and beg for help. Her pleas will be treated with the same contempt as David Cameron’s. Because of the collusion, Brussels has no need even to squeeze out a little more of its usual fudge, to help a failing government.

A strong government would play for time and delay as the only way politicians can deal with an impossible situation. If we did, the EU could extend the two-year notice. But why should it when it feels it’s winning anyway and knows that the British Government dare not leave without a deal?

An effective negotiator needs the power to walk away in reserve. Leaving on WTO terms would allow Britain to form new trade relationships, end the drain of French agricultural protection and the gaping deficit with Germany as well as the huge euro-geld payments to belong to the protective bloc doing the damage. It would hurt them and provide a new source of revenue in tariffs. A devaluation would allow us to overleap any counter-tariffs, and they’d hardly dare to try to damage or punish us.

Yet Theresa has never dared to threaten it, so the final stage of the plot is to create such a fear of no deal – rechristened “crashing out” to make it sound more horrible – that neither Government nor Parliament dares even to mention it.

So, with the enthusiastic support of the Bank of England and the Treasury, Remainers denounce it with every fibre of their vocal chords to ensure that the soft-hearted will flock to a second referendum as the only safe way out of the mess.

A second referendum could allow some of the people to negate the verdict of all the people, though sadly going back to a loving and caring EU won’t be all joy and hosannas. We’d be sat on its naughty step. The drain would continue and could even be increased.

After all, a nation which can’t negotiate its way out of a paper bag, whose parties are disintegrating and whose Parliament can’t decide anything, deserves humiliation. The EU is ever ready to provide it.