Don’t believe the EU’s fairy stories

Don’t believe the EU’s fairy stories

The result of four decades of EU membership is to make fairy tales our ‘lingua dodgy’. That’s alarming for anyone who believes that politicians should focus on the disastrous economic situation of a country which can neither pay its way in the world nor support the level of services an advanced nation needs. It’s the result of the incompetence of our failing political leaders seeking to distract the nation by fairy tales.

The EU’s Fairyland is built on fairy tales like an ever closer union which electors won’t vote for, Germany won’t pay for and component governments don’t agree with. Similarly the euro won’t work: it’s crippled Greece, locked Italy in recession, produced record levels of unemployment in Spain and is pushing euroland into recession. Yet Juncker claims it’s stimulated growth and convergence, though it’s done exactly the opposite. There’s no EU problem so bad that a nice fairy tale won’t disguise it.

British euro-enthusiasts have got the same habit. The first manifestation was the huge effort to persuade us that disaster would ensue if we didn’t join the euro. We didn’t and yet have done better than most EU countries which did. The next fairy tale was the great fear-fest promising disaster if we voted for Brexit. We did. Nothing happened.

Now the EU’s agents in this country are offering another fairy tale festival, promising untold disaster unless we stay in the EU; yet in fact if we come out without a deal – or to put it another way, trade on WTO terms – we wouldn’t have to pay the massive ransom the EU wants and trade on the same terms as everyone else, most of them profitably, unlike us.

Another fairy story is that we’re leaving the biggest market in the world, but we’re not told that we’re in horrendous deficit with it and the rest of our trade is mostly in surplus. Most of our trade doesn’t go to the EU, whose economy is shrinking into recession because of the euro.

The next fairy story is that our trade with the EU will stop if we “crash out”. The average duty will be three percent. Their total cost is less than the membership charges for belonging to this protectionist bloc. Devaluation (inevitable in or out) will give us the competitive advantage to overleap that, provided we plan for it with an industrial policy (prohibited in the EU).

Pundits claim without evidence that “crashing out” (better described as trading with the EU on the same terms as everyone else) would be an economic, social and political disaster. Their vote against preparations to face “no deal” shows there are no lengths to which rampant Remainers won’t go to undermine the Government’s negotiating position and stop Brexit. Yet in fact relations will go on as before. It’s inconceivable that the institution Remainers love so much would set out to destroy us. Medicines wouldn’t stop, people will continue to come and go, food is cheaper outside the EU.

This shift from fairy tales into Hammer horror stories was caricatured by Rod Liddle in the Sunday Times:

“One way or another we will all die, probably at 0900 hours on March 30th, gasping in agony… huge mutant fire eating lobsters will invade the country as a result of Brexit… There will be no Mars bars… flaming chunks of satellites will fall on our heads and kill us…. planes can fly no further than Manchester… your homes will be worthless. There will be nothing to eat. And no lavatory rolls. But as there will be nothing to eat, we won’t need them.”

It’s a pity that the comfortable people, the academics with euro-grants, the politicians with euro-contracts and hopes – and the companies we’ve sold to foreigners to pay our way – can’t argue rationally. Instead, they blame the people for ignorance, and claim that the EU will unleash IRA violence if we leave.

German and French political elites don’t live on fairy tales. They have a shrewd idea of the national interest, are dedicated to pursuing it and have shaped the EU to advance it. Ours are less competent, have no idea of the national interest, don’t understand how business works and have conned us into an institution which drains us of money, jobs and economic demand. Then they tell us we’re stupid, deceived and racist for wanting to leave. More fairy stories to cover their failure and their inability to do anything about it. Which makes it time for the population of the UK to stop believing in fairies.