Podcast: Dexit after Brexit? Opt-out or get-out

Podcast: Dexit after Brexit? Opt-out or get-out

With Kristian Thulesen Dahl, leader of the Danish People’s Party since 2012 and Søren Espersen, foreign affairs spokesperson for the Danish People’s Party.
Presented by Darren Grimes.

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In this episode, BrexitCentral hears from allies in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. The Danish are the most British of continental Europeans when it comes to Brussels, Denmark delayed its EU membership until the UK became a member in 1973 and remains the only other country with an “opt-out” of the EU requirement to join the euro. BrexitCentral’s Deputy Editor, Darren Grimes, spoke to senior members of the Danish People’s Party, the second biggest party in Denmark, who have been eager to secure a renegotiation of Denmark’s membership of the European Union, as well as a possible referendum… Remind you of anyone?

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Will Brexit lead to Dexit? Is it time for the Danes to decide to opt-out or get-out?