Canada must embrace its closest allies and launch trade talks with the UK as soon as possible

Canada must embrace its closest allies and launch trade talks with the UK as soon as possible

The restoration of Canada’s reputation abroad was one of the great achievements of Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. Once again, Canada would stand with our allies for security at home and play a role in global security commensurate with our size, abilities and values as a nation. Canada would not look the other way when our allies were attacked or when instability overseas was threatening our security in North America. We would not join in on unfair UN resolutions nor would we participate in organisations or events that had been captured by special interests.

Unfortunately, the Trudeau Liberals have brought us back to the failed era of Liberal foreign policy – appeasing dictators, abandoning our friends, and pursuing the myth of Canada as an “honest broker” without interests in the world. It is clear Justin Trudeau is willing to sacrifice our security and relationships and risk the lives of Canadian soldiers in his multi-year bid to curry favour for a non-permanent Security Council Seat.

I would restore Canada’s place as a dependable ally and principled voice for freedom and democracy around the world. To do so, I’ll concentrate on acting through NATO, OAS, OSCE and other organisations that reflect our values to get things done in the world. I will also work with our allies to modernise and improve the performance and international governance of multi-lateral organisations with which Canada is involved.

Last week, I met with the President of CANZUK International in Vancouver to talk about Canada’s place in the world. Following our meeting, he encouraged his tens of thousands of Canadian CANZUK supporters to back me becoming the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

This is all about promoting closer economic and diplomatic ties between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (CANZUK). With the CANZUK movement, we can work with our closest allies to have a more secure world and more prosperity for our citizens. I believe in the development of a trade and security pact, including the freedom to live, work, and invest in these countries.

Following Brexit, Canada must launch free trade talks with the United Kingdom as soon as possible – the UK is one of our closest and longest-standing partners. In fact, the UK is the reason we originally negotiated the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Now, we cannot afford to delay Canada-UK trade talks.

Alongside these trade talks, Canada should take a lead role in promoting a Canada-Australia-New Zealand-UK trade and security pact. Our shared history, similar legal and political systems, personal ties and common interests at home and abroad make closer collaboration between our countries a common-sense option that will benefit our citizens. As the next Conservative Leader in Canada, I would make CANZUK a top priority.