Backing a second referendum would cause Labour ‘severe trouble’ in its heartlands

Backing a second referendum would cause Labour ‘severe trouble’ in its heartlands

Brendan Chilton, leader of the pro-Brexit Labour Leave campaign, has said that if the Labour Party backed a second referendum, it could spell trouble for their working-class seats across the country.

Chilton describes the so-called ‘People’s Vote’ group as “an establishment campaign that is trying to infiltrate the Labour Party… to get that party to overturn the democratic decisionĀ of the British people to leave the European Union”.

“The Labour Party should totally and utterly reject their attempts to undermine democracy,” he added.

Concerns have been raised by left-wing Eurosceptics recently after it emerged that campaigners are planning to table a motion at the Labour Party’s annual conference which would force the party to commit to holding a second referendum.

On Sunday, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell refused to rule out his party changing policy, telling the BBC’s Andrew Marr that although it wasn’t currently their policy, all options would be kept “on the table” for when Theresa May brings a deal back to Parliament for MPs to either accept or reject.

“Our Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is a Brexiteer [and] has been all his life…70% of our constituencies voted to Leave and five million of our 2017 vote, voted to Leave,” said Chilton.

“If Labour goes down this route of supporting a second referendum, I think we will be in severe trouble in our Midland and Northern constituencies and in Wales that voted overwhelmingly to Leave the European Union. I hope it doesn’t happen.”

“If, however, policy is changed, we will step up our fight to ensure Brexit means Brexit and to make sure Labour honours the commitment it made at the General Election to accept the outcome of the referendum.”