Announcing BrexitCentral

Announcing BrexitCentral

As Theresa May’s government sets about implementing the historic verdict of the British people at June’s referendum, BrexitCentral will be essential reading for all wanting to follow the twists and turns of the UK’s departure from the European Union. The website, to be launched in September, will be a one-stop shop for news, analysis, comment and insight about the single biggest issue dominating the new Prime Minister’s in-tray, backed up by a vibrant social media presence and a daily e-bulletin.

Jonathan is leaving his current role as Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance to become Editor of BrexitCentral, drawing on his previous twelve years in journalism at ConservativeHome, the Daily Telegraph and the BBC.

Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive of Business for Britain, and former Chief Executive of the Vote Leave referendum campaign, said:

Most of us now include specialist news and campaigning websites as part of our daily media mix and I want BrexitCentral to be a must-read for everyone in the UK and beyond who wants to understand and make a success of Brexit. More than 17.4 million people voted for us to leave the European Union and BrexitCentral will be an online home for them to keep abreast of developments on a daily basis as the new government carries out their instructions. I’m delighted that Jonathan Isaby has agreed to come on board as Editor and that BrexitCentral will have the benefit both of his journalistic experience and his political knowledge and contacts.

Jonathan Isaby, Editor of BrexitCentral, added:

I’m thrilled to be taking the helm at BrexitCentral at what is a fascinating and exciting time in British politics. Theresa May has said that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ and I look forward to her and her colleagues delivering on that promise as they go about the important negotiations that will extricate us from the European Union. On my watch, BrexitCentral will chronicle developments as they happen, carry interviews and comment from all the key players and promote the positive vision of Britain after Brexit.