Welsh Labour beware: the Brexit Party has its eyes on your traditional heartlands

Welsh Labour beware: the Brexit Party has its eyes on your traditional heartlands

The attitude of the Welsh political establishment in Cardiff Bay towards those who voted for Brexit in 2016 has been astonishing. The utter contempt by many of them shown towards the very people who have elected them time and time again is truly staggering.

Middle-class Labour Members of Parliament and Assembly Members who for years have thought they were in touch with their working-class bases have been shown to be completely at odds with the working classes’ opinion on Brexit. Their opinions on immigration, sovereignty and Britain’s place in the world are completely opposed to that of their own electorate.

The Welsh Labour Party’s out-of-touch attitude has resulted in a huge plummeting of support for them across their heartlands in the former industrial communities.

In 2014 Labour topped the polls in the Welsh European Elections as they always have done; but in 2019 they barely scraped above the Liberal Democrats to cling onto the fourth and final seat available. The Brexit Party took two seats with myself and Nathan Gill topping the polls.

This should have sent shockwaves throughout the Welsh Labour Party, however their newly-elected MEP took to the stage to claim that the European Election vote showed Wales had rejected Brexit and that we should pursue a second referendum.

Then a few weeks on Mark Drakeford, the First Minister, came out and said: ‘This Government will campaign in Wales for a Remain outcome’. This utter contempt for the views of the Welsh electorate is extremely frustrating and will backfire on the Labour Party, as the areas that voted most heavily for Brexit in Wales are their strongholds in places such as the Valleys.

Labour MEPs – such as Richard Corbett who sits on the EU’s Brexit steering group – have been exposed as being behind attempts to delay and derail Brexit. Even the BBC released a programme earlier this year called Brexit: Behind Closed Doors which exposed the way in which Labour and Liberal Democrat politicians from the UK are working to stop Brexit.

If Brexit is not delivered by October the 31st and a general election is called then the Brexit Party will be targeting seats all across Labour’s heartlands. We will show them what happens when you treat the electorate with such disdain, by taking dozens of seats from them in areas they have taken for granted for decades.