The Welsh Government’s nonsense migration paper is just another cynical attempt to undermine Brexit

The Welsh Government’s nonsense migration paper is just another cynical attempt to undermine Brexit

Since June 23rd 2016, the Welsh political establishment had done everything within their power to try and derail and delay Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, as I revealed on BrexitCentral back in February.

The battle in Wales is well underway, with the vast majority of Welsh Assembly Members willing to see Brexit scrapped and dozens of Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru MPs recently voting against the EU Withdrawal Bill. The faux outrage can be spotted from a mile away. Those MPs did not blink an eye whilst thousands of regulations were imposed on the UK from Brussels, but now, all of a sudden, they care about parliamentary democracy.

In early September, the First Minister Carwyn Jones out of nowhere decided to announce a Brexit paper on migration. Migration is not even a devolved matter and the Welsh Government have no authority on the matter. This launch was another cynical attempt by the First Minister to undermine our Brexit negotiations.

This theme of undermining the Brexit process has continued since the EU referendum last year. With the Welsh Government and their pro-EU civil servants attempting to scare the Welsh public into turning against the Government’s Brexit position. Scaremongering over jobs, investment and most recently, devolution. Claiming the UK Government are planning a ‘Brexit Power Grab’ from the devolved nations. Nothing could be further from the truth. Devolved nations will have more powers than ever before when those currently under Brussels control are handed down.

However, the UK Government must be extremely careful when handing further powers down from Westminster to Cardiff Bay. Over the past twenty years, areas under Welsh Assembly control have fallen further and further behind that of their British counterparts and the Welsh NHS and Education system are two key examples.

The Welsh Government have struggled to convince the people of Wales that their devolution agenda is worthwhile. When I leave Cardiff Bay and return to rural Mid Wales, the loathing and distrust of the Assembly is clear. Many laugh and joke about the sheer incompetence of those in charge and yearn for the return of Wales without a National Assembly. For instance, vast swathes of rural Wales would rather see farming policy centralised at Westminster, to avoid a race to the bottom at Assembly level and to simplify the process for rural communities.

Many, including the Centre for Welsh Studies, wish for Wales to begin a true devolution process, passing powers from Cardiff bay to local communities. Instead what we have seen over the past twenty years is a centralising of control at Cardiff Bay to justify its own existence.

This sense of entitlement will only grow if powers continue to be handed down to the Welsh Assembly on a regular basis. Imagine having a failing council or school – you would not continue to give them further powers in the hope that they would sort their act out and rectify their problems. But this is the exact position that has been taken by Westminster Governments of every colour.

Thankfully, the fight to resist further powers being handed down to Cardiff Bay is being taken up by some Conservative MPs and organisations including the Centre for Welsh Studies, who are continuing to expose the chaotic and poorly managed situation here in Wales.