Tory HQ launches online campaign to pile pressure on anti-Brexit Labour MPs in Leave-backing seats

Tory HQ launches online campaign to pile pressure on anti-Brexit Labour MPs in Leave-backing seats

During the 2016 EU referendum, the Conservative Party formally remained neutral, given that the then Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, was endorsing a Remain vote, but allowed his MPs – including, of course, his ministers – to support the Leave campaign. The machinery of the party’s headquarters (CCHQ) was therefore not employed in backing either side.

Afterwards, while delivering the result of the referendum then became party policy and was obviously a significant element of the platform on which the 2017 general election was fought, CCHQ has not until now visibly spent a great deal of energy campaigning on Brexit.

But in a move that will hearten nervous Brexiteers and again seek to engage those who voted for Brexit in record numbers in June 2016, the party is now focusing campaign energy on Labour MPs who are seeking to obstruct our departure from the European Union.

In advance of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill returning to the Commons next month, the Conservatives have launched a website – Respect the Result – specifically targeting Labour MPs with a record of seeking to oppose Brexit while representing areas which voted to Leave.

The site has soft launched today and the six MPs initially being targeted are:

The constituency-focused pages on the website highlight that local MP’s voting record and enable you to send them an email urging them to respect the referendum result.

Over the coming days and weeks, the campaign will be rolled out to include an increasing number of constituencies and you can submit your suggestions via the form on the website’s front page.

Conservative Party Deputy Chairman James Cleverly told BrexitCentral:

“Whether people voted Leave or Remain they want to see a deal that works for the whole country. Labour are working to frustrate Brexit and would rather play politics than make it a success for our country. Only the Conservatives can be trusted to respect the result and take back control of our laws, borders and money.”