The Welsh people are backing Boris all the way in his quest to get Brexit over the line

The Welsh people are backing Boris all the way in his quest to get Brexit over the line

Welsh politics often struggles to break through into the consciousness of a Westminster-dominated media but Tuesday was an exception as Boris Johnson and the Conservatives topped the latest YouGov poll in Wales.

As someone who has been through an election or two, I always try to hit a cautionary note when it comes to such headlines. Indeed, I still wear the scars on my back from the well-documented 10-point lead in April 2017, which sadly didn’t bear fruit in the general election some weeks later…

Yet polls do provide a sensible snapshot of current feeling and once again this week’s helping shows that Wales isn’t the left-wing, anti-Brexit nation that the political establishment of Labour and Plaid Cymru try to portray week in, week out.

At 29 per cent, the Conservatives are four points ahead of the traditional leaders in Wales, a lead which has grown since July’s last poll. On these current numbers (and of course dangerously ignoring local factors and applying the swing to all Welsh seats equally), Conservatives could expect to win 17 constituencies in Wales.

These figures are never quite accurate, but what they do typify is the ever-growing disconnect between the wishes and opinions of people in Wales and the politicians who purport to represent them.

For the past three years, the political bubble in the Welsh Assembly has often been dominated by leftie luvvies standing up to tell ‘Leavers’ in Wales how they got it so awfully wrong. Yet the people seem as certain now as they were in 2016. This is reflected in the new massive ComRes poll that took the views of over 26,000 people and found 54 per cent of people are in favour of honouring the Brexit result.

They have no time for the lecturing culture that exists in the corridors of power such as the Assembly, an attitude which emanates from the ‘Taffia’ and ‘Crachach’ elite (those in England hit Google!) that often dominates political think in Cardiff Bay – a group that always believe they know best, regardless of the circumstances, made up of people who rarely leave the comforts of the city and their artisan establishments.

From the ‘woke’ bars and cafes they populate, you can smell the arrogance and disdain for the rest of us minions a mile off. These politicians are deaf to the voices of the majority and whilst I used to believe they were in a deep level of denial about the referendum result, it’s growing somewhat darker than that.

Indeed, quite simply, it’s a blunt, straight-up ‘two fingers’ to the majority of people in Wales who voted to Leave the broken and dysfunctional EU political project by a majority in 2016. These illiberal, undemocratic luvvies have got no interest in listening to the other side and it is this blatant disregard and disrespect that is making the Assembly disconnected from the reality in the country and the people it claims to represent.

In some respects, this is best summed by some of the activity in the Senedd chamber over the past few months, where we’ve spent far too much time babbling on about fringe issues that people don’t give two flying hoots about in Wales. Do Mr and Mrs Jones in Wrexham, Newtown or Pembrokeshire really give a monkey’s about the name of our institution? I certainly know the country wouldn’t back votes for prisoners or the draconian and absurd plan to legislate to ban smacking in Wales.

God forbid we actually spend more than an hour a week talking about Labour’s abysmal record managing our public services or increasing prosperity in Wales over the past twenty years, when there are more pressing matters at hand. Only the political incoherents of Labour and Plaid Cymru could conjure up a plan that shows the Assembly in the worst possible light, where those behind bars get the vote, whilst hardworking and loving parents could be criminalised for bringing up their children as they see fit.

And it’s why the referendum result and such polls jar with the majority of politicians who, for the large part, seem to be currently occupying some sort of parallel universe. The Assembly is letting down the people of Wales and is stunningly failing to reflect their views, which was always a danger when only 18 per cent of the institution’s members campaigned to leave the EU.

It’s clouded the debate ever since and whilst I’ve been very critical of the House of Commons over the past few months, we’ve got an equally as big a problem here in the Senedd. Both institutions are out of kilter, out of touch with public opinion and they’re in for one helluva shock. It probably explains why they are so reticent about going to the people in the form of a general election. Indeed, many of these same people jump up and down about the Prime Minister every week in the Assembly but sadly their parties lack the gumption to put their views, which they claim are so well supported, to the people.

So far, Boris Johnson has proven his opponents wrong every step of the way and that’s why they fear what an election might hold as the backlash from the electorate will be fierce. To think they had the gall to lambast him as a dictator! Dictators do not tend to offer their opponents the chance to remove him via the ballot box.

They said he was not interested in negotiating with the European Union, but have been left with egg on their face and left stomping their feet like spoilt brats saying they’ll now reject any deal he musters.

They said he wasn’t popular in Wales and that he’d drive up support for independence, yet he now tops the polls, whilst the so-called ‘Party of Wales’, Plaid Cymru, now finds itself outside the Champions League places in fifth.

They accused him of shutting down debate on Brexit, but since returning to Westminster, Remainer MPs have achieved diddly bloody squat.

They are for nothing and against everything. They’ve rightly been exposed as the true charlatans in this debate.

And despite the efforts of certain factions in the Assembly and Parliament, the electorate remains steadfast in backing Boris all the way in his quest to get Brexit over the line. And why? Because people want to see the United Kingdom have our very own independent trade policy for the first time in fifty years. They want us to have autonomy over the rules governing our agriculture and world-leading services sector, including financial services.

And people want to see our parliaments – both at Westminster and Cardiff – setting our own rules, and putting in place smarter, more responsive regulation outside the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

People across the country have had enough of the lecturing, sneering and patronising from their politicians. They want their elected representatives to get Brexit done so we can move on and focus on the cost of living, public services and cutting crime. That is what people of Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom voted for three years ago and what we as Conservatives will deliver.