#StandUp4Brexit: Our MPs will vote down this deal

#StandUp4Brexit: Our MPs will vote down this deal

The StandUp4Brexit campaign, which has received the backing of 51 Conservative MPs is confident that Theresa May’s deal with the EU will not be implemented.

On the BrexitCentral podcast released this morning, Rebecca Ryan and Helen Mayer who run the campaign, said that the MPs who have pledged to vote down a Chequers deal will never vote for a deal that keeps the UK in the ECJ, the Customs Union, or the Single Market.

And in a statement released last night the group called on the Cabinet to reject the deal:

“It is imperative that the Cabinet reject this deal that will leave us in the Customs Union, Northern Ireland in a de-facto Single Market, and the UK subject to ECJ over-rule, all whilst paying £39 billion for the privilege of being nothing more than a vassal state.

“The Prime Minister has broken all those repeated promises about red lines, and gone against the manifesto commitments the Conservative Party stood on in 2017.

“This is not the Brexit that I or millions of others voted for then or in 2016. Whatever decision the Cabinet make tomorrow, we remain reassured that this deal cannot pass in the House of Commons thanks to the 51 StandUp4Brexit MPs ”

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