Saturday’s antics in the House of Commons made me sick and ashamed to be an MP

Saturday’s antics in the House of Commons made me sick and ashamed to be an MP

I left the House of Commons on Saturday afternoon feeling sick. The treachery of many MPs in this disgraced Palace of Westminster is literally sick-making.

As a former soldier, I shall not hold back from saying what I think, because I am ashamed of this determined effort to prevent our departure from the EU. And, make no mistake, Oliver Letwin’s continued efforts to prevent a no-deal departure are only a fig-leaf for his and others’ true intentions.

The Speaker had reduced speech times to only five minutes when Theresa May was called. She may be the worst negotiator in history, but by gum did she dish it out to great effect in the Chamber. You could see jaws sagging on Opposition benches, as she tore into those sworn, for whatever reason, to undermine our democracy. When Mrs May sat down, I, too, waved my Order Paper vigorously in support.

The collective effort from the very top to the very bottom to damage our fragile democracy is staggering. Normally, a country has to be subjugated by bomb and bullet before it becomes a slave state, but today our ruling class is quite prepared to accept the status quo without so much as a by your leave.

For this whole issue is about democracy – and the survival of it. How many times have I heard Remainers opine that people did not know what they were doing in June 2016? Well, I have spoken to many, many constituents in Leave-voting South Dorset and all of them are very clear why they voted Leave. It was simply for our country to regain control of her destiny – that’s it. Whatever decisions are then made, for better or worse, richer or poorer, are ours.

The thuggish behaviour of some of those protesting Remainers on Saturday only underlines their intolerance, complete disrespect for democracy and, worse, indicates where this country might well head, were we to stay in.

The Prime Minister frequently used the words “friends” and “neighbours” during his excellent speech. And, of course, when we leave the EU, we will remain just that with Europe and, no doubt, they with us.

But, to get there, Conservative MPs – all of them – must start working together. I fear, though, from what I’ve seen, that a handful will continue to pursue their clearly embittered path of destruction at all costs. However, having heaped ignominy on themselves, I am confident their constituents will seek retribution if they stand at the next election.

And MPs aside, we must ensure the next Speaker honours the Chair. I’m afraid this one has not, and his openly partisan approach is also responsible for the ongoing chaos in which we find ourselves.

I was privileged to serve our country in our Armed Forces, where I experienced courage, integrity, genuine friendship, selflessness, sacrifice and leadership. Then, in 2010, I entered the House of Commons. Of course, there are many MPs who share these characteristics, but by God there are a large number who do not. And this Brexit debacle has left them horribly exposed.

We will leave the EU, as the people have spoken and will accept no less. So, the sooner it’s done, the sooner a crumb of integrity can return to our politics.

Photocredit: ©UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor