Revealed: The Tory MPs jockeying for places on the Brexit Select Committee

Revealed: The Tory MPs jockeying for places on the Brexit Select Committee

Those MPs elected to chair select committees were chosen by full ballots of all MPs before the summer recess. But the rest of the MPs serving on those committees are elected by their party colleagues, so only Labour MPs can vote for those taking the Labour places etc.

Today, Tuesday 5th September, sees the elections for the places allocated to Conservative MPs on the select committees for this Parliament, with voting taking place in a Commons committee room between 2.30pm and 5.30pm. Only backbenchers are eligible to vote; ministers and whips are expressly prohibited from doing so.

Below are the nominees for the places available on the key committees that will be considering issues related to Brexit in the coming months. An asterisk denotes an MP who was serving on the committee prior to the general election.

EXITING THE EUROPEAN UNION COMMITTEE (14 candidates for 10 places)

  • Peter Bone
  • Chris Chope
  • Simon Clarke
  • Stephen Crabb
  • Jonathan Djanogly
  • Vicky Ford
  • Richard Graham
  • Gordon Henderson
  • Andrea Jenkyns*
  • Jeremy Lefroy*
  • Craig Mackinlay*
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • Anna Soubry
  • John Whittingdale*

A number of new faces will join the committee after several key members were appointed to the Government (Michael Gove, Dominic Raab and Alistair Burt), Peter Lilley stood down and Karl McCartney lost his seat. Ex-MEP Vicky Ford and Simon Clarke are the only two of the 2017 intake to be standing, while it is noteworthy that Jacob Rees-Mogg, after failing to win the chairmanship of the Treasury Select Committee, has now opted to try and secure a place here. Bone, Djanogly and Soubry were all unsuccessful candidates for places on this committee in October 2016.


INTERNATIONAL TRADE (8 candidates for 4 places)

  • Julia Dockerill
  • Nigel Evans*
  • Marcus Fysh*
  • Ranil Jayawardena*
  • Ian Liddell-Grainger
  • Mark Menzies
  • Ross Thomson
  • Damien Moore

Three of those who sat on this committee until the election are seeking re-election. Dockerill, Thomson and Moore are all members of the 2017 intake.


FOREIGN AFFAIRS (12 candidates for 4 places)

  • Crispin Blunt*
  • John Baron*
  • Nusrat Ghani
  • Adam Holloway*
  • Daniel Kawczynski*
  • Ian Liddell-Grainger
  • Andrew Rosindell*
  • Douglas Ross
  • Bob Seeley
  • Henry Smith
  • Royston Smith
  • Nadhim Zahawi*

This is a very keenly contested election: with the post-election parliamentary arithmetic giving the Tories fewer seats around the table, we know for certain that not even the six previous incumbents could all be returned – one of whom is Crispin Blunt, who chaired the committee in the last Parliament but lost out in the new race to chair it to Tom Tugendhat. Ross and Seeley are the only ones of the 2017 intake among the candidates.


TREASURY (5 candidates for 4 places)

  • Charlie Elphicke
  • Stephen Hammond*
  • Alister Jack
  • Kit Malthouse*
  • Neil O’Brien

Elphicke and Hammond were both among the unsuccessful candidates beaten by Nicky Morgan to chair this committee. Jack and O’Brien are both members of the 2017 intake.

ENVIRONMENT, FOOD AND RURAL AFFAIRS (8 candidates for 3 places)

  • Colin Clark
  • Chris Davies*
  • Glyn Davies
  • David Duguid
  • Dr Caroline Johnson
  • Sheryll Murray
  • John Stevenson
  • Julian Sturdy

Noteworthy here is that the two members of the 2017 intake standing – Clark and Duguid – represent neighbouring constituencies in north east Scotland with considerable fishing interests.