Paying £39 billion without agreeing future trading arrangements doesn’t even count as a deal in my book

Paying £39 billion without agreeing future trading arrangements doesn’t even count as a deal in my book

As we draw closer to the next Meaningful Vote (despite Bercow), I can only imagine the pressure the ERG and DUP MPs are under.

Cast as hard Brexiteers, extremists and fantasists by their peers and mainstream media, I can see why some have started to crack.

I have immense admiration and respect for these individuals and for others outside of these groupings who have stood up to those who wish to deceive the British people and betray the largest ever democratic decision this country has made. They are the people who have put country before party politics.

These individuals have shown leadership, courage, integrity and determination and they should be applauded regardless of their political associations by all of us. Thank you.

Notwithstanding the above, the biggest decision since the 1930s now rests with our elected Members of Parliament: to vote for or against the Government’s deal with the EU.

I ask only this of our MPs whose salaries we all pay: that they vote down this terrible deal not just the next time it is put before them, but for evermore; it is not Brexit.

What is the Government’s deal? It is a misnomer. To all intents and purposes, it is actually the only ‘no deal’ on offer. Why? It would see us pay £39 billion for no trading arrangements, which would have to be negotiated after we have given away our leverage.

It is what the Remain-supporting politicians have been angling for, while deceiving the British people by labelling it as a ‘deal’ that satisfies the referendum result.

It does no such thing and anyone can see that the tortuous negotiations that will follow will result in the Remain establishment saying “we told you it was a bad idea to leave”.

And guess what would happen as we drew closer to the expiry of the so-called implementation period? The EU and referendum deniers will draw us back in and we would be forced onto our knees with cap in hand to accept whatever we are offered.

I hear some say ‘nonsense’ – but just look at what has happened when the public has ever disagreed with the EU before. Democracy as we know it is lost in the sphere of the EU. They believe the people should never be asked for their opinion as their answer will go against the EU’s ideology.

To Leave without a deal is the only realistic option. This has always been the case and it was what we voted for. Yes, we were told a deal would be easy and we thought so too. It should and would have been, had we started from the basis of a clean Brexit, i.e. working toward WTO terms and preparing for it.

So what is the so-called no-deal outcome? In effect, it is a deal: the complete opposite of the Government’s deal. Already lots of side deals are being made in preparation for our departure and terms for trade would be upon the basis of the WTO which is how most world trade is done. Most importantly, it is what we voted for.

This is Brexit, and this is how we will secure a trade deal with the EU that favours both parties. It is and remains the only feasible way we were ever going to get one.

It is highly unlikely that Theresa May will gain any concessions from Brussels over the backstop; and even if she does, her deal will still be Brexit in name only and leave us at the mercy of Brussels in future negotiations over trade.

Courage, determination, integrity and leadership is what we, the people, need more than anything now from our elected Members of Parliament. Even if we are thrown into a delay, which will deflate all of us, these essential virtues that could be lost in a sea of despair at the end of our democracy.

Never give up.