If marginalised Remainers wish to wave the EU flag, we should indulge them

If marginalised Remainers wish to wave the EU flag, we should indulge them

In almost every Brexiteer the plan by Remainers to hijack Last Night of the Proms by flooding it with EU Circle of Stars flags will have caused irritation.

For the likes of Arron Banks it was all too much and he swung into action by organising a plan to hand out free Union Flags.

In the event, the Union Jack predominated – as it would have done anyway – but the Circle of Stars was also being waved in noticeable quantities.

The spectacle reminded me of an odd and unsettling sight I have encountered twice in London very recently – Circle of Stars flags draped out of the upstairs windows of residential houses.

The first time, near Grays Inn Road in central London, the flag was hung from the upper floor of a very posh looking white Stucco terrace. A few days later, I saw the same thing on a house in a main road in grittier Camberwell.

One’s initial inclination on encountering symbols with which one has no affiliation, or even an anti-affiliation, is of course to shudder, to mock or to choose to be affronted.

But hold hard, my Brexiteer comrades. By doing that wouldn’t we be guilty of an Emily Thornberry moment? Wouldn’t we be sneering at the sincerely held affinity of a fellow citizen?

Isn’t there another, more encouraging, way of reading this sudden outbreak of Europhile flag-waving, from Promenade Concerts to the various marches “for Europe”?

The truth of it is that we Brexit types have shown ourselves to be the majority and our view is fast on the way to becoming incorporated within the political establishment, no matter how grudging the political establishment is feeling about the whole enterprise.

So the EU flag-waving is a natural reaction from people who have always taken it for granted that their view would prevail and govern the established order. It is a sign of their sudden marginalisation and powerlessness. And if it brings them comfort or cult status, then who would begrudge them that?

The waving of the EU flag from windows and concert halls shows the EU-philes are on their way to feeling and indeed being marginalised. It is their equivalent to the defiant sporting of the flag of St George from that house in Rochester & Strood that caused Ms Thornberry such angst.

We Brexiteers should be indulgent of the trend. After all, we are going to make sure that before long the EU flag is not flown from any official building in the land in which decisions are taken about how we are governed. And that is what really counts.