Northern Irish ‘progressives’ are using opposition to Brexit as cover for their nationalist agenda

Northern Irish ‘progressives’ are using opposition to Brexit as cover for their nationalist agenda

The recent statement by four Northern Ireland political parties on the Customs Union and the Single Market was a clear example of the kind of political connivance that lurks beneath those relentlessly seeking to undermine the will of the British people.

The Alliance Party and Green Party in Northern Ireland present themselves as neutral cross-community parties. Their ‘progressive’ politics are strongly pro-EU and pro-harmonisation. On social issues they are common bedfellows in pursuit of the latest fashionable social causes. This makes them ideal allies for Sinn Fein and the more moderately nationalist SDLP.

The nationalist parties can saddle up with the Alliance and Greens under the veneer of pretending their coalition is based up commonly held pro-EU values and ‘progressive’ policies. But this could not be further from the truth.

The cord that binds this ‘progressive’ coalition is pan-nationalism. A quick look at the Alliance and Green voting record in Northern Ireland will show that on almost every key policy decision, they will vote alongside Irish nationalism.

It was the Alliance Party that conspired with Sinn Fein and the SDLP to tear the sovereign union flag from Belfast City Hall on 3rd December 2012, and it is they who have continuously given cover to Sinn Fein’s outrageous political demands, which deny Northern Ireland a government to this very day.

It was no surprise then to see their leader, Naomi Long, standing shoulder to shoulder with Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill, the SDLP’s Colum Eastwood and Green Party NI leader Stephen Agnew in a united front against Brexit.

The demand that Northern Ireland remain in the Customs Union and Single Market is not based upon the practical outcomes of such an approach, but rather a desire to wedge Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom by stealth.

The entire Irish Nationalist strategy, given life by the Belfast Agreement, is based upon staged all-Ireland harmonisation within the context of a borderless European Union. It is for this reason that they are so desperately trying to de-rail the will of the British people.

A ‘special status’ for Northern Ireland within the Customs Union and Single Market would not only set us apart from the rest of the United Kingdom, but in practical terms would create an economic all-Ireland. It would be a momentous staging post for those dedicated to mutilating the constitutional arrangements of the United Kingdom.

All of the political parties that signed last month’s letter, which issued a series of political demands in relation to the Customs Union and Single Market, continued to trot out the mantra that Northern Ireland voted to Remain. These same parties are the chief proponents of the Belfast Agreement, which quite clearly sustains Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom so long as a majority of persons wishes it to remain so.

Therefore they on one hand wish to disregard Northern Ireland’s position within the United Kingdom and the legitimacy of a UK-wide referendum, but on the other hand champion the Belfast Agreement as a holy writ.

Alongside this, all of the signatories to the recent Brexit letter were supporters of the campaign to repeal the 8th amendment in the Irish Republic. Yet if the United Kingdom sought to interfere in this democratic decision of a sovereign nation then there would be outrage.

They cannot have it both ways and it is disappointing that many media outlets continue to allow this fundamentally hypocritical and cynical posturing to go unchallenged.

Yet, the conniving Remainers see no hypocrisy in their continued attempts to override a democratic referendum held within the United Kingdom, which made clear the people’s desire to leave the European Union. Not to partially leave, not to maintain a key to the door. But to leave – a full and unequivocal divorce.

The real objective of all of those parties that signed the letter is to undermine the constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom, and they see wedding Northern Ireland to the Customs Union and Single Market as an opportunity that they cannot let pass in pursuance or their aforementioned overriding objective.

The British citizens of Northern Ireland are constitutionally equal to the British citizens of England, Scotland and Wales. The notion that the British citizens of Northern Ireland would be abandoned by our sovereign government and forced, against our will, to be economically severed from the rest of the United Kingdom is offensive.

One would be surprised if MPs in the mother of Parliaments would sit idly by and allow themselves to be complicit in such a contrived betrayal of their fellow British citizens.

It is surely not too much to ask that the current Government eschew the connivance of fifth columnists who have bandied together to send their open letter.