Change Britain’s grassroots campaign began on Saturday promoting the Welcome to Stay pledge

Change Britain’s grassroots campaign began on Saturday promoting the Welcome to Stay pledge

Change Britain held its first nationwide campaign day on Saturday. Volunteers were out across the United Kingdom in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and every region of England talking directly to the public about Brexit.

One of the first issues that needs putting to bed is the position of current EU migrants working in the UK and of UK nationals currently living in the EU, which is why Change Britain has launched the Welcome to Stay campaign. There are 590,000 EU nationals in the UK who, under current rules, cannot stay in the UK post-Brexit. The reverse is also the case for many UK nationals living in Spain, France and Germany. We should be clear that current EU nationals working in the UK are welcome to stay so long as UK nationals on the continent are too.

collage-9The public obviously agree with us as thousands of people across the country signed Change Britain’s Welcome to Stay pledge on Saturday. Change Britain activists were campaigning in over fifty towns and cities including Aberdeen, Aberystwyth, Bridlington, Plymouth and many places in between.

But let’s be honest, those of us who thought the largest electoral mandate in British history was enough to guarantee our country’s exit from the EU were wrong. Each morning’s newspapers are filled with misleading headlines quoting politicians like Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband who are trying to circumnavigate the will of 17.4 million voters in order to keep Britain inside as much of the EU as possible.

Either we control our laws, our money and our borders or we remain members of the EU. Nick Clegg – a man not renowned for his electoral success – is arguing that the British public did not want the UK to give up membership of the EU’s single market. He is wrong. If we stay as members of the single market will still be stuck with the same mountain of EU rules, we’ll still be subject to the European Court of Justice, and we’ll still be sending vast sums of money to Brussels that we could be spending here on our priorities instead. The British public flatly rejected all of these when they voted to leave the EU.

Pro-EU politicians like Nick Clegg lost the referendum. They must not be allowed to subvert the will of the people. That’s why I’m working with Change Britain and its volunteers to make sure Clegg doesn’t win.


So please, sign up to volunteer with Change Britain today. There will be pro-Brexit campaigning going on every month in your area between now and the day the UK finally leaves the European Union.