Too many of my fellow MPs have forgotten what a precious gift freedom is

Too many of my fellow MPs have forgotten what a precious gift freedom is

I left the House of Commons last Wednesday night more disillusioned with politics and politicians than ever before.

Faced with unhelpful amendments, signed by MPs on both sides of the House, the Government caved in to their demands since, had they gone through, they would have delayed Brexit or killed it off altogether. As I told MPs in my speech, a divided Commons is a sure comfort to a bureaucracy that’s intent on preventing us leaving.

These times remind me of May 1940, when the people of our dear country were prepared to fight, while most MPs sought appeasement.

Today is no different, although now we must stand up against stifling rules and regulations, which still threaten our freedom. Remain in the EU, and we will lose our borders, laws, currency and control of our destiny.

We are told now that the people did not understand what they were voting for in June 2016. What piffle! They knew exactly what they were doing, and this ongoing democratic deficit is going to harm politics, trust in politicians – and give rise to a possible Marxist government.

The problem is that we have forgotten what a precious gift freedom is. The EU has remained benign for many years and complacency has set in. Now, as we know, it wants to centralise into a truly federalist state, ruled from the centre. This is not in our country’s interest. How often have I heard that same refrain from Remainers!

Yes, we’d rather leave with a deal, but clearly an obstructive EU is not going to give us a fair one. They want to punish us to deter others from leaving – and there I have some sympathy – but as the EU continues to implode, there will be an exodus as calls for democracy and accountability grow.

Regrettably, where we need leadership, we have none. This Remain-orientated Government never had the will and courage to really leave the EU. Instead, they vacillated and capitulated, aiming to stay as closely linked to the EU as possible.

The Prime Minister’s deal, as it stands, does not deliver Brexit, and everyone knows it. The only way to force it through the Commons is to keep bringing it back until the very real threat of no Brexit at all forces MPs like me to vote for it.

The word ‘betrayal’ is a strong one, but that is what is being levelled at us by constituents.  The Conservative Party, if it ever hopes to win the next election, must deliver Brexit in full, or face annihilation.

Again, as I said in my speech, a united Commons could deliver a good deal.  To be fair, there are a few colleagues who have genuine concerns about a no-deal departure. But, for the majority, Project Fear is a fig leaf covering their real intent.

No deal would be bumpy, there is no denying that. But, we’d be free to chart our own course, create an economy that encourages investment and strike trade deals around a world that is rapidly changing. As a country, we’ve faced far bigger challenges and not only survived, but flourished. We will again, if we have the courage and integrity to honour what we have been instructed to do.

Finally, Article 50 is our only lifeline to freedom. You have been warned.