Leave Means Leave’s ‘Save Brexit’ tour begins today

Leave Means Leave’s ‘Save Brexit’ tour begins today

Today at the Bolton Wanderers football ground begins Leave Means Leave’s “Save Brexit Campaign”, characterised by a series of rallies across the country to remobilise the people’s army and put pressure on MPs to vote the correct way in any parliamentary divisions between now and Brexit day next year.

It is tragic that we have had to raise enough money to reboot a national campaign to deliver the democratic will of the British people, in the face of a determined effort by the EU – in concert with elements of the British establishment – to undermine democracy, putting at risk the very fabric of our society and the bond of trust between our leaders and the led.

With a full house and a cross-party party platform of speakers, the event exemplifies the true passion of my fellow countrymen and women to actually deliver the result of the referendum. This was a plebiscite in which the people knowingly voted to leave the EU, not to strike a deal: that was not the question posed on the ballot paper.

Everyone I have ever spoken with who voted for Brexit has been well aware of what they were voting for: to take control of our laws, borders and money – and many were prepared to pay a price for liberty. All recognised there would be a period of disruption, but all believed it would be worth it and they are right. In fact, the economic premium will come much quicker than many believe possible if the Government adopt the correct policies.

Supported by a new battlebus, we have scheduled six rallies so far and a fringe event at the Conservative conference, to ensure a clean Brexit and to determine that the so-called Chequers proposal is ditched.

All of this is taking place against the backdrop of what may prove to be a charade. The Prime Minister has delivered an apparently determined warning to the EU that no deal is better than bad deal. So cynical have I become about the motives of the political class, however, that it remains to be seen whether this is merely a ruse to get her through the Conservative conference to be followed by a remarkable “triumph” by the Prime Minister, in turn returning with a truly bad deal from some future EU meeting, a betrayal of the Brexit vote dressed up as a fulfillment of the democratic will of the people.

Whatever scenario transpires, it is our determination to call out loudly any betrayal and to press for true Brexit, a Brexit that believes in Britain and our right to liberty and self-determination.