Why I’m launching Leavers of Britain

Why I’m launching Leavers of Britain

It seems we are in a state of limbo – teetering between a Brexit deal that involves too many concessions or a no-deal, which is seemingly becoming more attractive than ever before.

And it’s a state of limbo where democrats and Brexiteers alike are trying to crunch the numbers with the parliamentary arithmetic to establish how we can ensure that our elected representatives deliver what we voted for.

When will we see our politicians take the plunge and properly stand up for Brexit? Is there someone who can give an authoritative and authentic opposition to the Chequers vision of “Brexit”? What does a No Deal mean for us?

These are all questions you might have heard being posed at Leavers of London events I have organised over the last two years. These are events which have attracted political enthusiasts; people who don’t care much for politics but want to make new friends; people from the left and the right; young and old – all mingling together over a drink and chatting about things that would usually have ended in an argument with their more Remain-inclined friends.

I look back over the two years of running pro-Brexit themed social events across London welcoming both familiar and unfamiliar faces, groups of friends being created, business being done, relationships forming. It is, in a way, a community.

Community is a oft-forgotten aspect of the Leave vote, as politicians battle it out in Westminster to deliver the will of the people – but it was one of the most fundamental reasons for Britain having voted Brexit: the feeling of wanting to belong, the feeling of wanting to control your own home and the anger that the people of somewhere were being forced against their will to be a person of nowhere. It was for sure an element that informed my vote to Leave.

I often get asked by my more Remainery friends: “Why is community so important to you?”

My simplest answer is that, if the state should fail you, all you have is the immediate people around you – those in your community with whom you have created lasting bonds – to help you through the hard times. That sense of community is invaluable, no amount of taxpayers’ money or EU funds could ever recreate that. People are important, relationships are important, they are Britain’s lifeline on which I prefer to rely.

So that is why I have taken the Leavers of London model to launch Leavers of Britain – a nationwide community for Leave-voting or Leave-supporting people. I’ll be going around the country helping people to set up events and encouraging others to go to meet-ups and using the Leavers of Britain website, Leave-voting folk the length and breadth of the country can easily upload their own pub or coffee meet-ups, as well as protests and rallies. Please sign up on the website here.

Then together we can start rebuilding our communities based on our shared values of democracy, freedom and independence.

You can watch our introductory video below.