Highlights from the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading

Highlights from the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill Second Reading

Boris Johnson opens the debate…

…and says the deal will “restore our great institutions to their rightful place as the supreme instruments of British self-governance”…

…while Jeremy Corbyn calls the deal “terrible”

Liam Fox says we have had three years of “betrayal”

The DUP’s Jeffrey Donaldson says he still has concerns about the deal

Suella Braverman says the last Parliament broke trust with the British people

Owen Paterson says the ERG just wanted to honour the referendum

Stephen Crabb confirms he will support the bill again

Bill Cash says this is “a great moment in our history”

Nigel Evans wishes everyone a Happy New Year in an independent Britain

Mark Francois pays tribute to Steve Bray for putting his name forward for election

Labour’s Emma Lewell-Buck confirms she will rebel against Jeremy Corbyn and vote for the deal

Robert Courts suggests the UK never wanted to be part of a political union

Bob Seely says politicians cannot pick and choose which votes they respect

Steve Double says we’ll finally “take back control”

Lee Rowley says you can be a Brexiteer and be an internationalist 

Ben Bradley has “huge optimism” for the future of this country


Keir Starmer wraps up the debate for the Opposition…

…while Steve Barclay does so for the Government