Happy 60th Birthday Theresa May: The hand of history is on your shoulder

Happy 60th Birthday Theresa May: The hand of history is on your shoulder

Jonathan Isaby is Editor of BrexitCentral.

Your fun fact for the day is that three of the four most recent Conservative Prime Ministers were born in October: Theresa May (1st), David Cameron (9th) and Margaret Thatcher (13th). John Major is the kink in the sequence as a March baby.

And after David Cameron was re-elected with an overall Tory majority at the 2015 general election, you can imagine Samantha Cameron might have started planning a Downing Street party for later this month to mark her husband’s 50th birthday. But as we all know, events took a rather unexpected course and today, on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference, we have a different Prime Minister marking a different landmark – her 60th birthday. So here’s wishing Theresa May a very Happy Birthday from me and the team at BrexitCentral.

Little could she have imagined this time last year the position she would now be in and the task she has ahead of her. May was a low-key Remainer; she didn’t campaign for Leave, but circumstances have tasked her with delivering Brexit and her reputation and legacy will be defined by how she handles this one issue.

As she oversees our departure from the European Union over the next couple of years or so she has a huge opportunity to redefine Britain’s place in the world, to ensure that once again we stand tall as an independent, outward-looking, sovereign, free-trading nation on the global stage, no longer beholden to masters in Brussels. If she delivers this successfully, she can set Britain on a new course for decades to come, and secure a place in history as one of those few Prime Ministers who effected positive, lasting changes that irreversibly transform the face of the nation.

The signs from the first weeks of her premiership are positive that she will deliver the clean Brexit for which the country voted in such large numbers on 23rd June: restoring full sovereignty to Westminster, taking back control of our borders and and giving elected British politicians the power to negotiate our own trade deals around the globe.

And as she and the Conservatives head to Birmingham this weekend for their annual conference, we will be watching and listening intently for further signs of the path she is going to pursue. The hand of history is well and truly on her shoulder.